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10 cheap and common foods for weight loss

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weight loss

Many people nowadays want to lose weight, but they have a perception that weight loss products are expensive and therefore require money. They think that buying weight loss products cost them more than they would buy daily life products. However, this perception is wrong.

Firstly, weight loss should be healthy. You should not starve to lose your weight. Secondly, try to follow the right plan, eat foods that are low in calories and rich in nutrients. Also, try to curtail sugar-rich and fatty meals from your diet, that will eventually help you in losing weight. In this article, we are going to tell you about ten foods that help in losing weight, and they are incredibly cheap as well. That means good for your body and light on the pocket.

Before you go through the list, you should keep in mind that this list has been compiled for people who do not have any medical conditions such as blood pressure or diabetes. Such people should consult with a general physician before adding any of these foods extensively in their diets.

10 Foods For Weight Loss

  1. Brown rice

Try to replace white rice with brown rice in your diet because they contain fewer calories than white rice. Moreover, brown rice provides more nutrition than white rice and is absorbed slowly by the body, hence keeping your hunger levels satisfied for long periods. Since brown rice has high fibre content, they are digested at a slower rate, keeping you full and providing you with fewer calories and more nutrients like iron, vitamin B6 and magnesium. For losing weight, consume it in an optimal recommended amount.

  1. Onions

Salads are an essential part of losing weight. You can incorporate onions in the form of salads in your diet. They are highly beneficial for your heart health, protect you from diabetes and reduce the risk of cancer because they contain antioxidants. Moreover, they contain vitamin C, magnesium and potassium and have a delicious taste.

  1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is quite cheap and highly beneficial for your body. It is rich in beta carotene, which converts into vitamin A inside your body, which is beneficial for good eye health. Moreover, it fulfils your satiety level, hence helps in losing weight. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and protects against diabetes and cancer.

  1. Carrots

Carrots are vitamin A-rich vegetables, available at low price. You can take it in the form of carrot juice, or in raw form. You can consume a bulk of carrots and it would not make you fat. Since it contains antioxidants, therefore it protects against prostate and stomach cancers as well.

  1. Green cabbage

Green cabbage contains a high content of vitamin C and vitamin K that protects against infections and forms clotting factors respectively. Moreover, it contains glucosinolate content- an antioxidant that protects against cancer. Green cabbage is low in calories and highly beneficial for weight loss and to maintain good health.

  1. Lentils

Adding protein in your diet is important because it helps in building the immune system of your body, building hair, nails and aids in muscle development. Lentils contain proteins and iron that are extremely essential for your health. Since they contain fibre content as well, they keep you full for a long period, eventually helping you to lose weight.

  1. Air-popped popcorns

Popcorns are extremely low in calories so you can consume them in a large amount and satisfy your hunger. They contain fibre, vitamin B and magnesium. Furthermore, they contain antioxidants, that protects your body from cancer causing species. Also, they are so easy to prepare. All you need for their preparation is a microwave or a pot and some popcorn, and you are good to go.

  1. Bananas

Electrolytes are an essential content for your body that are vital for our survival. Bananas contain potassium that is an extremely important electrolyte for your body. You should eat bananas if you workout to lose weight because you lose electrolytes when you sweat. You can fulfil the potassium requirement from bananas. Moreover, they contain fibre, vitamin C and manganese. Also, you can eat them easily, without any hassle and are sweet hence fulfil your sugar cravings as well. Try eating a banana with peanut butter or yoghurt,to add delicious flavours.

  1. Cucumber

The major part of cucumbers consist of water and they have zero percent fat, that makes them highly beneficial for losing weight. Since 96% of cucumber is water, it nourishes your skin, eases constipation and provides water content to your body. Also, many cucumber diets let people lose weight drastically.

  1. Chilli pepper

Chilli pepper is an extremely cheap condiment and consumed in quite a low quantity. It contains a substance called capsaicin, that reduces hunger and aids in burning fat. Even it has been used in some weight loss supplements. However, if you consume it for a long time, you can become immune to its weight losing properties. Moreover, it does not mean that you overload your meal with chilli pepper for losing weight. Consume it in an optimal and tolerable amount.

The bottom line

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential, but you should choose the right method for it. Try to keep it as simple as you can. Reduce overall portion size and consume everything in an adequate amount. Overeating anything can have a bad effect on your health, so choose wisely what and how much you eat.

All the above-mentioned products are light on the pocket as well as low in calories. These tips and foods are however for people who want to stay fit and have an ideal weight. People who are overly obese should not make drastic changes to their diets without consulting a general physician in islamabad or any physician available in their local area.

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