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Choosing a foundation by skin type

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It is very difficult to choose the right and most effective foundation for problem skin. This type is characterized by an unpleasant greasy sheen, constant rashes and inflammation. Therefore, decorative cosmetics for him should be as safe as possible. There are many criteria for choosing a foundation for oily skin. Owners of dry and combined types face a similar problem. What parameters the foundation should correspond to in each specific case will be described in our article.

Basic information about the foundation

More recently, it was believed that decorative products have a detrimental effect on the beauty and health of the face, and a foundation for oily skin is completely contraindicated. With the development of the beauty industry, a new era has come. Now, predominantly natural ingredients are added to cosmetics, harmoniously combined with other chemicals. Such drugs do not have any harm to the skin of the face, but only if it is fully consistent with its type and characteristics.

There is a foundation in every modern woman’s cosmetic bag. In everyday life, you cannot do without it, since it performs very important functions:

  • corrects skin imperfections;
  • improves complexion;
  • moisturizes the skin;
  • protects epidermal cells from ultraviolet radiation and toxins;
  • nourishes the skin.

Such a large number of properties in one cosmetic product is due to the richness of its composition. Manufacturers add natural oils, herbal extracts and mineral components to their products, making the foundation become a unique preparation that can solve a whole range of cosmetic problems.

Cream for oily skin

When choosing a foundation for problem skin, you should carefully study all its properties. The oily type of epidermis needs special care, so the product must meet the following criteria.

  • The cream should have a delicate and airy texture. Thick products are completely unsuitable for oily skin – cosmetics will be very noticeable on the face.
  • The dense consistency of the cream will create a mask effect. For the epidermis of a problematic type, this effect is highly undesirable.
  • The main advantage of the foundation is its ability to tighten pores, which is very important for oily skin. Preference should give to just such means.
  • It is desirable that the foundation for oily skin contains bactericidal and anti-inflammatory components. They will fight the appearance of any rashes on the surface of the face.
  • If the packaging says it prevents excessive sebum production, then it’s the right product for you. Such a drug will protect against the appearance of the unpleasant shine characteristic of oily skin.
  • Be sure to check that the product is appropriate for your age. Modern tonals produced with this parameter in mind.

For an oily and problematic type, a mattifying foundation is suitable. A high-quality product will not only hide all imperfections, but also give the surface of the face the long-awaited silkiness and matte finish.

It believed that foundation clogs pores. For oily skin, this property of cosmetics can become fatal. But today, unique preparations have already appeared on the market that have the ability to mask imperfections in the surface of the face and in no way contaminate open pores. A non-comedogenic foundation is an innovative product. It contains salicylic acid, sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. This foundation is ideal for those with problematic and oily skin types of natural skin care products.

Dry skin cream

Not every foundation for dry skin can meet your needs. Buying low-quality products more expensive for yourself, however, attention should paid not only to the price and brand but also to other important parameters of cosmetics.

  • Dry skin tones should have a greasy consistency. An excellent option is a thick, viscous and at the same time light product.
  • The formula for dry skin contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. By using these products, you will get rid of flaking and feeling of tightness.
  • An important parameter when choosing a suitable product is its ability to protect against ultraviolet radiation. Dry skin is especially susceptible to negative sun exposure, so a foundation must create a high-quality barrier.
  • If the preparation contains hyaluronic acid, then most likely it is of high quality. Dry skin begins to fade faster, it is important for it to constantly maintain the anti-aging components at the proper level.

If toners for a problematic type of epidermis do not contain a large amount of natural oils, then this provision is not relevant for dry skin. On the contrary, it preferable to choose products in which a sufficient number of extracts on a fatty basis included.

Cream for combination skin

The combined epidermis is easy to distinguish. Its owners feel dryness in the cheek area along with increased oiliness on the forehead, nose and chin. Choosing a foundation for combination skin is the hardest part.

  • A quality remedy for the combined type is able to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands: in some areas of the face, activate it, and in the rest, on the contrary, slow it down a little.
  • The antibacterial properties of the drug are incredibly important. An anti-breakout foundation is the best remedy for combination skin choosing.
  • There are always special requirements for the moisturizing properties of such a preparation. Not only dry areas of the face need a normal fluid level. Moisturizing is also necessary for those areas whose sebaceous glands secrete a large amount of fat.
  • The foundation should give the face matte and elasticity. It is preferable if it contains anti-aging ingredients.

A mattifying foundation is suitable for combination skin. It provides the face with an even tone and natural softness. Also, non-comedogenic cosmetics are recommended for this skin type.

To create the perfect look without any imperfections, it is not enough just to choose a foundation tailored to your skin. You need to be able to apply it correctly. The final video will tell you about the mistakes girls make when using decorative cosmetics.

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