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Choosing A Daycare Near Your Home, Or Near Your Workplace?

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Choosing a daycare for your child has always been a tough call for working parents. There are many factors to consider, but the common question that always puts parents in a dilemma is the selection of the daycare that is either near to home or near to the workplace.

Here is the list of pros and cons that you cannot ignore while making an important decision of choosing a location for your child’s daycare.



  • Pickup and drop:

When both parents are available to pick up and drop off their baby then a day-care near their home would be better. It is also more convenient when a friend or a grandparent needs to help with the same from time to time.


  • Socializing:

By choosing a daycare near your home, your child will be able to make friends that live in the same locality. It also presents an opportunity for the parents to socialize with other families. Thereby making it easy to plan birthday parties and playdates for your child with kids they associate with on a day to day basis.


  • Work from home opportunity:

A day-care close to home makes more sense when you get an opportunity to work from home as you don’t have to worry about finding a new day-care. Also, when you need to take a sick-day leave, you don’t have to go through the hassle of the long commute to pick-up your child.


  • Age factor and familiarity:

A day-care close to home is an ideal choice for parents who are new to daycare or for the ones with tiny toddlers. The very thought that you are close to your child in case if you are needed is quite reassuring.


  • Hassel of commuting from work:

A day-care close to home though ideal also poses an issue for parents who are working downtown. Sometimes an unexpected delay due to traffic can cause extra stress if you get late in picking up your child from the daycare.





  • Quality bonding:

A day-care close to the workplace gives an opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their kids. Longer the commute means you get more time to bond with your child while you travel to and fro.


  • Feeling of closeness:

Choosing a day-care close to work is preferable for parents as they can reach the day-care faster in case of an emergency. Another advantage is that you can enjoy having lunch or be part of school activities with your child at the centre more often.


  • Socializing:

Choosing a day-care close to work helps parents to meet more families that they work with through their children. This presents parents with an opportunity to grow your network and build a better work rapport with your co-colleagues


  • Circumstantial Issues:

Indeed a daycare centre near work is preferable but downside occurs when you have to inevitably travel to the workplace during illness or on days when you have to work from home.


  • Commute time:

Though a long commute acts as a quality time that you get to spend with your child, it may not work for your child if he or she hates travelling a long distance. They may even fall asleep on the way and this may further lead to disturbance of their regular bedtime.

Conclusion on how to choose a Daycare Center:

At Academy of Living Literacy a daycare in Corpus Christi, we suggest that you weigh all the pros and cons related to the location of the day-care that you choose for your child. While we understand that choosing a perfect day-care location can most certainly make life easy for the parents, it should be considered as just one part of the equation. Because what is more important at the end is that your child is in an environment that is going to provide high-quality care and nurturing.

So without any further delay schedule a tour with your local day-care or day-care near me in Corpus Christi and choose the best possible option for your child.

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