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Difference Between Authorized and Local Repair Service

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Authorized and Local Repair Service

In this age of complete dependency on smartphones, only a few people can avoid broken smartphones. Be it cracked screen or charging port failure, smartphones demand to be perfected for regular use. During such situations, there are only two possible options. One can either change the cell phone or get it fixed. The latter always seems to be a more viable solution because not everyone can afford a new smartphone. Considering this, people often overlook the importance of choosing the right and authentic cell phone repair services so that they can save money. In order to get your smartphone repaired, you should always see if the repair center is an Authorized service center or a local repair service center.

Authorized Service Centre or Local Repair Service?

Authorized service centers are those that are set up by the mobile manufacturing companies to provide services for mobile phones. These are for those cell phones that come under the manufacturer’s warranty. almost all the manufacturing companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, and Huawei, etc. have set up their own service centers. Not only do these service centers provide all kinds of repair services but they are also considered authorized. it becomes mandatory for an authorized service provider to adhere to the manufacturer’s standard in order to gain customers and make a name in the marketplace. It is obvious that the authorized service centers are better, but you should always do your research before going to one. 

Local 3rd Party Repair Services

As it is always by the name that local third-party repair service providers are shops that render their own brand of repair work along with other services. Unlike authorized repair centers they are not in partnership with the manufacturer and work independently. It is obvious that the quality may or may not adhere to the standards set by the company, but 3rd party repair centers are certainly a much cheaper and convenient option.

Hence there are obvious differences that distinguish Authorized and Local Repair centers that you should be aware of:

Authentic Parts:

Authenticity is one of the primary differences between the authorized service center and local repair service providers. Authorized service centers are also known to be subsidiaries of mobile manufacturers. The repair parts that are available at these centers are originals, also known as OEM spares. However, local unauthorized repair service providers get a 1st copy (almost next to original) or 2nd copy (duplicate, low-quality parts). This is because most of the local technicians do not have access to original OEM parts. This is one of the main reasons why a certain set of people go to local repair shops. The price of these parts when compared to the original spare parts, comes at less than half the price.


Another plus of authorized service centers is that you can avail free mobile phone repair services if the product is under warranty. However, the local third-party shops or service centers do not provide these services free, hence the warranty stands null and void. So, if your product is still under a professional warranty period, it would be a wise decision to go to an authorized mobile center only.


One of the main reasons why people choose third-party mobile repair shops is because of the convenience it provides. These third-party shops provide free pick up and drop facilities for smartphones. Additionally, authorized centers take longer to repair a handset, thus making local repair centers a more sustainable option. Most people prefer authorized services centers while others avoid them due to high pricing and inconvenience.


Another factor that makes third party cell phone repair shops more feasible for people is the pricing. Authorized service centers are quite expensive if you do not have any warranty. But these third-party cell phone repair services, however, provide faster repairs through local mechanics at very cost-effective rates.


There you have these, significant differentiation between the authorized service centers and third-party local repair centers. Both these repair centers have their pros and cons that often confuse people as to what they should choose. One of them guarantees convenience and affordability, the other focuses on providing high quality and authenticity. Hence there is no popularly preferred service center; people choose the service centers depending on their needs, convenience, and financial situations.

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