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Choose The Right Time To Travel Abroad

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Choose the right time to travel abroad

Now is the time to go to Europe. And if you don’t get there in the fall/winter, be sure to protect your parcels abroad, as the airfares are comparable, if not cheaper, to those of a flight to the Caribbean.


Do you need ideas on where to go? Do you have a long weekend for the jet-set? Ireland could be the answer, either Paris or London. We really recommend no less than 3 nights in any city. If you choose to visit London / Paris, 4 nights ahead is better if you have the pasta and the time.


Most flights across the pond have red eyes, but if you can’t fly overnight there is a non-stop service to London Heathrow, where you leave in the morning and arrive about 12 hours later (in fact, they are little more about 6 hours To get there, you have to take into account the time difference of 6 hours.


For these shorter stays, we recommend staying in the city center, but you know the prices will be higher. Depending on the location you want to see, no dead center is needed since getting around these big cities is usually easy.


Another recommendation we constantly make is that when you visit the destination for the first time, consider buying a hop-on hop-off bus tour. Not only do you get the day ticket, we recommend at least two days. On the first day, you will learn what is where and what interests you most. Use the hop-on / hop-off on the 2nd day (it’s a consecutive day pass) to get where you need to go. Depending on the destination, the bus company can also offer a tour or a lighting tour (evening tour). You will be surprised at how different it is to see the city at night and in daylight.


If you are not a “bus”, many of these destinations offer excellent metro systems. Depending on where there may be hop-on / hop-off river boats/ferries that can be changed again.


Once you have decided on a travel destination, familiarize yourself with the excursions/tours that may interest you. Don’t be afraid to visit the “off the beaten track” attractions.


Still, confused? Call your friendly and reliable travel advisor. You won’t be surprised how excited they are to help you with travel arrangements. After all, a good travel consultant has the resources to create an itinerary that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. If you don’t know a travel advisor yet, we recommend that you not only call someone listed on Google (or elsewhere) and go full steam ahead but interview that person just like you would when hiring an accountant to look for a reputable doctor or hire a lawyer. Have a good trip!

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