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September 27, 2021

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Chicken Dishes to Beautify Your Experience 

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Do you love to savour on different dishes? What type of food items you relish the most? What if you have the variety of food items to experience? You can literally eat well and feel good once you explore the options.

Places like shan a punjab brookline ma keep the heart of people fulfilled. You can find variety of spices, tangs and much more in the dishes that they cater. Come on, if you love food then you must eat it to the fullest. After all, food is always a great desire and contentment. You can experience utmost pleasure and leisure once you dip into delicious dishes and eatables. No matter what type of dishes you like to eat, you can get them all in a different tang and flavour. In this post, you would get to know about a few of the finest chicken items that people love the most.

Chicken tikka masala

Tikka simply means chunks, bits or even pieces. Chicken tikka masala is a scrumptious dish.  In this dish pre-marinated pieces of chicken are beautifully grilled and then added to thick, rich velvety gravy.  The flavouring includes spices and yogurt. The gravy is actually a traditional blend of Indian hot spices, onion and even that of tomato mingled with some amount of cream added to form up a rich and smooth finishing. It really leaves the pallet longing for more.

Tangy butter chicken 

This standard and iconic Indian type of eatable is also known as chicken makkhani. This eatable taste absolutely phenomenal with kaali daal and of course naans.  As the name displays it all, the eatable has some amount of butter mixed into gravy and the ingredients. Butter chicken is absolutely a treasure for chicken lovers.

Tandoori chicken

Once you are in india, you cannot just miss out this dish.  Tandoori chicken is relished and cherished by individuals greatly. The most outstanding thing about this dish is that it is much convenient to cook.  It has drawn its name from manner it is prepared.  Indeed, it is formed up in a tandoor or clay oven.  Once the chicken is steeped in a spiced yogurt mixture, the bits are squeeze through onto skewers and even afterwards everything is laid in tandoor to get cooked.  It is not simply delicious in its representation or looks; it is absolutely delectable in its tang too!

Chettinad chicken 

Have you ever tried out Chettinad chicken in your life?  Well it is somewhat burning for everyone. In this chicken, the full range of spices are correctly browned and then ground.  After that these are then mixed with ginger    and garlic   pastes to make a spice paste.  The matter is blended with tomatoes and curry leaves.  The chicken boils till it gets tender to form up a spicy and tasty curry eatable.  This dish is fulfilling, scrumptious and most importantly pleasurable.


So, you must pay a visit to shan a punjab or you can even order the dishes from a place and enjoy it to the fullest. These dishes are sure to get you a treasured experience for sure.

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