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Can I Apply Oil After Hair Smoothening?

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Is it really possible to apply oil after hair smoothening? If you have never heard of a “smoothing” process before, then you are not alone. Most people don’t realize that most companies will tell you that their products can be used “up” or used again without any problems.

The truth is that such products do have problems. Many of the techniques that are used by the companies to smooth the hair actually damage the hair and scalp. This article will discuss how you can use an oil after hair smoothening treatment without harming your hair or skin.

As the name implies, an oil after smoothening technique uses a light oil. If you haven’t heard of it before, don’t let the name scare you. There are some really good oil treatments out there. But, I will tell you what I have found that works really well for me.

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My best friend’s family used olive oil to smooth the hair and scalp before we all went to the beach. I am not going to say that olive oil is the best thing to use on the skin because there are some very good skin products out there that work as well or better than olive oil. But, I will say that olive oil works well for smoothening the hair and scalp. Just like oil, if you add too much, you won’t get as smooth as you would with a lighter oil.

You can use olive oil as a pre-hair treatment. If you use it on the hair, you will need to rinse the hair with warm water after use. Just make sure that you rinse with cool water before putting your hair in a hair dryer.

If you are only using oil as a hair smoothening solution, I recommend that you do not use it directly on the hair. Many people do this and end up hurting their hair. It is really hard to use a product that is meant to be applied directly on the hair to smooth it afterwards.

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To apply oil to the hair, just take the oil that you are planning to use and massage it into the hair. You can also use a piece of cotton swab or a small pumice stone to spread the oil on the hair. You will want to start out with a light coat and work your way up from there.

Another great thing about using olive oil to smooth the hair and scalp is that it is not so harsh on the hair. Many of the other products that are designed to smoothen the hair end up doing damage to the hair.

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