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Busted! 5 Myths About A Career In Hotel Management

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There are careers you can pursue even after MBA, Medicine and Engineering, Management, etc. that have great scope. There are quite 150 rewarding careers many folks aren’t even conscious of and people few, who are willing to require the prospect, lack the proper amount of knowledge and the remaining others are discouraged by their parents and become skeptical, and end up following the sheep heard. One such field is Hotel Management.

Often, when people hear this word, they visualize a person wearing a white apron, serving food. At least, 70% of individuals still think hotel management is simply about cooking or serving food. If you too are one of those who fall in this category, read on.

Here are 5 myths a few career in Hotel Management, and a fast reality check:

 MYTH 1- Hotel Management is simply About Cooking And Serving Food

Reality: Hotel Management is far quite just cooking. It is a significant business that involves food and beverage service rising to housekeeping department – who maintain a clean and cozy environment within the hotel, front-office operation – who ensure smooth operations between departments and looks after the needs of the guest on arrival and during the stay in the hotel, event planners – who are involved in conception and completion of the events such as conferences, festivals, etc, and sales and marketing people and accounting department to name a few. Hence, there are numerous specialized career paths to explore during the hospitality industry.

 MYTH 2- you’re Restricted To Hotel Industry After Pursuing Hotel Management

Reality: With a hotel management degree one is not constrained to the hotel industry but the sky is the limit. This industry offers a myriad of exciting and diverse career opportunities, which is directly associated with the HM degree like ,

  • manager in hospitals, conference centers, care homes, etc.
  • Airlines, work as a cabin crew, culinary manager, flight attendants, etc.
  • Avenues like Travel & tourism sector open travel agents, sales managers, and tour managers, etc.
  • One can work as a cruise manager or a casino manager in cruses and casinos
  • Working as a professor in the education sector

 MYTH 3- Low Score in class = Hotel Management Degree

Reality: It takes tons quite just marks to have a Hotel Management degree. One must be skillful to be a neighborhood of this exciting yet challenging industry. The vast college it encompasses within itself, certainly doesn’t make this course lack in knowledge management. One has got to undergo a rigorous process before getting admission, starting with a written examination, that tests one’s analytical, logical, mathematical and language abilities, followed by a gaggle discussion and lastly an interview. Students who score high marks also chooses this rewarding career because it not only provides exposure in terms of meeting new people or developing one’s overall personality but also an insight of globalization. 

MYTH 4- You Will Always Take Time To Establish And Get Less Paying Job

Reality: Isn’t this true for any career? In the beginning of any career, you have to start with trivial duties, to get an understanding of the basics of business have a firm foundation. You don’t reach higher position until and unless you work hard for it. Once you graduate with a hotel management degree, there are limitless opportunities expecting you. You are eligible to hitch hospitality sector as a management trainee moving up the ladder as a director general in few years. The take-home salary is approximately INR 15000 which goes up to lakhs per month, with experience.. 

MYTH 5- Women Don’t Have Good Prospects In Hospitality Industry

Reality: Despite significant progress in a few years, it’s still believed that ladies can’t have best in the hotel industry. Many hold a perception against women stating they’re not firm enough to form any decisions. But the hospitality industry is sort of incompetent without the grace and elegance that a woman brings with herself. Take an example of guest relations – women employees are more preferred over male due to their pleasing personality, and women also fair better at verbal and interpersonal skills, and are also good at handling pressure. So, it is fair to so say the industry today holds more potential for women than ever before.


Skills Required

  • Good written and spoken communication skills
  • Good Interpersonal skills
  • Pleasing personality
  • Ability to keep calm during stress
  • Business skills
  • Energy and enthusiasm
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