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Burns In Nursing Homes

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Burns In Nursing Homes

Among the common injuries suffered by nursing home injuries, no one can stop to think about burns.

The fact is that residents and especially those who have lost mobility may be at high risk of burn injuries.

Nursing home staff has a duty to ensure the environment is safe and free from anything that can cause burns.

Such injuries may result from hot water, heating sources, electrical appliances, etc.

The nursing home may be liable if your loved one has suffered from burn injuries due to negligence.


 What Causes Burns In Nursing Homes?

Those who take their seniors to nursing homes have a constant safety concern. These elderly are consistently exposed to too many dangers, including falls, injuries, or it could be even physical or emotional abuse.

Having an injured elderly in a nursing home is no minor issue. The resident may suffer from other health complications or could even succumb to death.

Unfortunately burn injuries are experienced now and then in nursing homes. But few take the steps to file claims. One reason is because they are not aware of their resident’s legal rights or others simply are unaware of such injuries, especially those who take time before they visit their loved one.

Data on accident in Anchorage today can reveal that there are hundreds of unclaimed cases involving burns. If your loved one has suffered from burn injuries, the best way would be to file a compensation claim.

While not every case involves negligence, there are several ways to file a claim due to a resident’s burns. Some of these include:

  • Burns from hot water:Elderly have very sensitive skin. They can suffer from burns at hot water temperatures. For instance, a nursing home staff may fail to check water temperatures before bathing an elderly. Burns could also emanate from drinking hot water.  Again, an elderly may have poor vision or may not be able to hold a cup properly. If it contains anything hot, it could burn them.
  • Burns from physical therapy:While physical therapy is needed for the elderly, it may also pose a danger.
  • Often, therapists use electrical heating technologies to work on the muscles. Heating pads used may be hot to the elderly sensitive skins and could cause burns.
  • Burns from electrical appliances:Burns may arise from faulty electrical cords, outlets, etc. The elderly with mental issues may also put their wet fingers in electrical sockets. Such may also trigger seizures.


How Do I Know My Loved One Has Suffered From Burns

Anyone who has suffered from burn injuries may have the below signs:

  • Blisters on the burn area
  • Pain on the affected area
  • Peelings on the site
  • Redness

The above may depend on the degree of severity, starting from 1st degree- 4th Degree as follows:

For the first degree, one may suffer from swelling and redness of the affected site. The 2nd degree has redness, swelling, intense pain, while the third degree affected the deepest skin layer, which requires immediate medical attention.

The 4th degree is where one losses sensation as the burns may have damaged the muscle fiber, skin tissue, or even bones.

The worst thing is that these injuries are preventable. This is what brings about negligence and can be considered as elder abuse in nursing homes.

Lack of resident’s protection can be very costly. If you have been made to suffer financially or emotionally due to burn injuries; you can look for an experienced personal injury lawyer conversant with nursing home injuries.

The nursing home staff has a legal duty to protect seniors from burns.

 Care For The Burns

If your senior has suffered from burns, you need to plan for the best care. You should take such a senior to a well-recognized doctor who will not only offer the best treatment but will ensure to provide clean medical records to be used for a claim.

Apart from medical care, such seniors will require some rehabilitation. Such may include proper intervention of monitoring every vital sign in the body. Also, it could include pain management control.

Generally, the injured senior may have to undergo medical follow-up on the injuries, pain and management or psychosocial support.

Nursing homes should inspect any dangerous areas such as open sockets and other factors to burn.

Where negligence occurs, one should determine who is liable for the burns.

If your senior has been exposed to unsafe conditions leading to burns, you can contact an experienced lawyer to handle your claim.

Not only will such a lawyer help you recover financially, but will ensure your senior gets the best treatment and long-term care until they recover.

Where death occurs due to burn injuries, such a lawyer can advise how to file a wrongful death claim.

If you are concerned about your loved one burn injuries, you can choose to have a free case consultation and discuss your situation with a lawyer.

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