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Best Times And 4 Reasons To Visit Fort Myers Beach, Florida

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Florida delights itself as a tourist destination. Here we are surrounded by gorgeous scenery and beautiful water. To be honest, the main charm and attraction to Florida isn’t its sports teams or amusement parks , it’s the exquisite beaches that surround the state. Here white sand beaches are a playground of water lovers.

Certain people may debate about the best beaches available here. The debate even goes further elaborating about the best sand available in which coast and clearest water in which coast. However, the best gem on the west coast of Florida is Fort Myers Beach. If you are passionate about natural beauty, consider making it your next holiday getaway.

Read on the four reasons why you should stop by Fort Myers Beach, Florida for your vacation.

1. We Possess Reasonably Priced Lodging

If you are planning to stay over in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, lodging should not be your concern.Whether you are coming to our Island for the first time or returning with the anticipation of visiting old friends and favorite spots, we welcome you to Fort Myers Beach Condos Rental. Our friendly and experienced Kathy Nesbit Vacations Team would like to assist you with the selection of Ft Myers beach vacation rentals that are perfect for you and your family. We offer the very best in customer service and accommodations to help you choose the best vacation rentals on Fort Myers beach. There is sure the availability of lodging to fit every budget and requirement.


2. We Are AGorgeousFamily-Friendly Destination

Fort Myers Beach, Florida, has about 2 million visitors annually. We cater to the visitors of all age groups including the youngest of these visitors. There are good family-friendly accommodations located near or on the beach.

When families visit Fort Myers Beach, Florida, they are extremely delighted to know that there are interesting activities for ages 4 and up. Kids are sure to relish thoroughly the varied crafts and arts activities, as well as exciting and fun games on the beach.Relax, rest and spend your time knowing that the kids are having a real blast.


3. We Have Vibrant Arts Culture

On your to-do list should be rich arts culture when you visit Fort Myers Beach, Florida. It has an exclusive mixture of arts to opt from. If you are fascinated by attending plays, listening to music and touring galleries, it’s all here.

Tourists find touring museums andgalleries to explore history and First Friday Art Walk to be spectacular. Throw in breakfast, lunch or dinner for relishing the local cuisine.Add in few shopping places and pick-up some souvenirs.


4. We Have FascinatingWater Sports

Taking in sun rays and relaxing isn’t the only thing you think you can do when in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.You can do adventurous activities andhop on a jet ski or go parasailing, or take a spin on a banana boat. If that does not sound exciting enough, consider a dolphin tour while sitting on a wave runner.Water and Wind Sports have everything to make your trip a memorable one through adventurous activities.Make the most of your day with fun and frolic.


Best Times to Visit Fort Myers

Unsure of when to visit Fort Myers? Read to know travel backpacks

March to May-The best time to come over is between March and May. Although the rates are low and the sun is up , visitors craving a quiet vacation are on the lookout for spring breakers. The summer months has the maximum crowds, especially families, so go ahead and plan your booking. Like other Florida locales, Fort Myers also has an influx of visitors in the winter season when high temperatures vary from the mid- to upper 70s.

From March to May, You’ll be able to entirely relax with less crowds, warm 80-degree temperatures and the knowledge that you bought this serenity for lesser than others did a two or a month ago.

Major Events: Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival & Parade (March)


June to August– The sweltering and hot summer temperatures don’t deter families from enjoying here. Prepare yourself for daily temperatures in the low 90s by coating yourself in sunscreen. Also, remember to pack an umbrella for frequent afternoon rain showers . This area has the most of its rainfall this time of year.

Major Events: MangoMania (July)


September to November-The rain has subsided but the chance of hurricanes persists. However, visitors enjoy this season too.

Major Events: Fort Myers Beach Film Festival (September)

Ding Darling Days (October)


December to February-Beaches are clean during this time of the year and temperature is from mid- to upper 70-degree .

Major Events:Edison & Ford Winter Estates’ Holiday Nights (December)

Edison Festival of Lights (February)

ArtFest Fort Myers (February)

Our Kathy Nesbit Vacations Team has been graciously greeting our guests from our familiar local office location on Fort Myers Beach for over 40 years and has earned our excellent reputation. We help you enjoy your stay utmost.

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