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Benefits of wearing manik stones

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Manic or ruby gemstone is one of the most powerful one among the gemstones family. From ancient times, this stone has been considered as influential and is recommended by renowned astrologers to be worn by people who need it.

This gemstone has a sparkling or glistening appearance and the color varies from dark pink to red. This stone can easily attract attention of a person. The present of chromium in this stone, gives it a vibrant color and the best quality seems to have the pigeon blood red color. It also said to have a sharp cutting shape.

One can only wear this manic stone when an astrologer has advised them to wear so after checking all their planetary placements according to the birth chart. It is said that if an individual has negative and malefic planets like Ketu, Rahu, and Shani then they must wear this stone to get the maximum positive results in life.

The gemstone of ruby is being presented by the influence and powers of the Sun. The sun is said to be the most important planet in astrology and it is known to be denoting the place of king or father who encourages integrity, dignity, power and authority. So if the placement of Sun in not right in one’s birth chart then they can be lacking in financial and professional stability.

The major reasons why one must wear a ruby stone:

  • It can help one to support the person who wants to improve their self image and wants to gain some respect in the society. It can also help the wearer to overcome their timidity and foolishness and get some clarity in their mind.
  • If a person wears a manic stone then they are supposed to get favors from authority, administration and government.
  • If one is suffering from chronic depression then they must get the advice to wear this stone because it can help them to overcome the mental and emotional setbacks of life.
  • Buying real ruby stone and wearing them can bring the realization of higher truth in one and they become self aware. They can also go for a quest in higher paths of life.
  • If a person is struggling with not being able to set up some proper goals in life and if their every planning is failing then they can also get a lot of benefits by wearing a ruby stone. It can bring intellect, firm determination to stay in the chose path and focus.
  • There are many people who are suffering from rheumatic joints, weak eyes, blood circulation issues, bone related issues and unstable mind. Wearing a ruby can lessen the effects of such issues in body.

One can buy manik stone from Khanna gems which has been a reputed name in the gemstone market as they have many years of experience in selling authentic stones. They are trusted sources from where one can get high quality ruby. One can wear it by the ratti as per advised by the astrologer.

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