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Balance Exercises For Seniors

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Elderly people have very fragile bones and muscle tissues and therefore, they get damaged very easily. Thus, they should practice some balance exercises to prevent major injuries. 

Why Are Balance Exercises Important?

We are all aware of the fact that the sight, hearing, sensibility, muscle strength, bone strength, etc. decrease as people grow older. These may lead to frequent fall and breakage of several bones.

Thus, they should practice balance exercises to stabilize the sensory organs and nervous system as well as strengthening the bones and muscles. These exercises even improve the functionality and mobility of the organs and prevent serious diseases and decay of tissues.

Here Are Some Balance Exercises For Seniors

Balance Exercises Using Machines

You can practice standing chop exercise, which balances your core muscles like trunk, spine, hips, etc. You will have to stand in front of a standing cable column machine, which has rubber tubing fixed to a cable hook set above your head.

 You should put the tube on either side of your hips and repeat the same for 10-15 times. You can do standing lift almost similarly by pulling the cable wire till your chest, which is now adjusted at a lower position.

Some Simple Balancing Exercises

There are several simple balance exercises, which can be practised, every day on any flat area. For example, you can practice heel-to-toe walking by exactly placing the heel of one leg in front of the toe of the other leg.

You should walk for at least 10-15 minutes every day for proper balancing. You can also try balancing by standing on one leg at a time. You can even hold a wall or any fixed object if you face any problem.

Hip Balancing Exercises

Hip balancing exercises are very effective for improving the strength and balance of lower body muscles. Each exercise should be repeated for at least 10 time.

Hip extension is suitable for balancing the lower back and butt region. You should stand in front of a fixed object at such a distance that you could bend your body from the hip section.

 Now, try to raise each leg one at a time backwards while keeping your leg straight and toes pointed. Hip flexion or knee raise is suitable for balancing hips and thigh. You should stand straight while holding a fixed object and lift each knee at a times till your chest.

Side Leg Rising Exercises

Side leg rising are extremely efficient for improving the stability of the hips and legs. You should stand straight while holding a chair or table and try to lift your leg one at the time without moving your upper body. You should keep your legs straight and repeat the exercise for 10-15 times.

Bending Exercises

You can stand in front of the chair and do gentle squats for about 10-15 times, Pubg pc. You should keep your upper body straight while folding the knees. This will help in strengthening the back and thigh muscles.

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