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The Arlo Camera installation Process And Troubleshooting Issues

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The crime graph has decreased a lot after the installation of the Arlo security camera. No doubt, Arlo has given an excellent device for security. You can make sure the security of your home and office by installing Arlo cameras.  

Arlo Camera Installation 

The Arlo Camera installation procedure is not easy for a layperson; most users find it hard to perform. It is profitable to get the assistance of professionals rather than trying yourself. They know how to set the camera in the right place.

Experts describe the accurate distance between the Arlo camera and base station. They understand how to deal with the wiring of the camera during installation. If you think that hiring professionals mean lots of expenditure, but don’t worry, they charge that is reasonable.

The Process of Arlo Camera Installation 

If you choose the battery-powered route, then the installation of the Arlo camera is secure. The installation is about a plug-and-play mechanism. Set your Arlo account by downloading Arlo app on the Smartphone. Create an account by choosing the “New to Arlo” option. Submit the needed details such as first name, last name Email address, and password. After creating the account, make sure that the base station has connected with the home router accurately. The base station should be turned on and synced with the Arlo camera. You need to wait for the green LED to confirm the base station setup. Blue LED means the Arlo camera has synced with the base station fruitfully. Go to the Arlo login account and see the settings of your camera on your device.

One of the most significant issues in a security camera is the wires. Due to excessive wire, users get frustrated, but Arlo security has combated this issue by offering a wireless security camera. Arlo camera works in outdoor and well as indoor. Get the help of Arlo Netgear login support, if you want to enquire about the Arlo security camera. The Arlo Pro 2 is the latest edition of the Arlo camera, and it has upgraded features, enhanced security, top video quality, prevention from the lousy weather, and all that. Moreover, the design of the Arlo camera is eye-catching.

Different Arlo Camera Issues And Its Troubleshooting Tips

Arlo Troubleshooting

After finishing the installation task, the Arlo login process is mandatory. Arlo login helps users to take the benefits of the camera from anywhere. But we know that several errors disturb the efficiency of the camera.

We have listed out some errors and Arlo Troubleshooting tips, here they are:

Blurry footage

In case, you find the footage is blurry; then you need to inspect the lens for moisture and water drops.

The motion sensor is not working correctly.

You need to clean the motion sensor lens. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then the lens might have defected. Replace the lens with a new lens. If there is slight damage in the sensor, get it rectified quickly.

When battery case is lose 

Check the case and remove Arlo batteries. Then, loose the panel and leave it for a while to get dry or damp for the night.

Batteries are damaged or dead.

If the batteries are out of work or damaged without any seasonal reasons, then they can call the manufacturer and ask for the repair if applicable. Or replace the battery as soon as possible.

Defected battery connectors 

Any issues regarding the connectors lead to the quick exhaustion of batteries. Confirm whether there is any damage in the connectors./ Solve it or replace it with the new connectors

Position of camera 

If you have positioned the camera in a place where frequent activities are identified, then the motion sensor stays on activating mode recurrently. It recommended shifting the camera to a low-traffic place where motion sensors don’t get activated without need.

Protective lens corrupted

Inspect the camera and verify any fault or clog on the lens cover. If you identify any problem, then get it solved by Arlo camera installation experts.

Motion sensors are not working.

In case you see the camera accurately connected to the power switch and recording the vide but doesn’t get activated with motion, then you need to inspect the following.

  • Check whether the lens is covered. There may be something that is obstructing the camera lens. Remove the object from the front of the camera and check again. 
  • The sensor positioned in a low traffic place: The sensors function several times but not frequently. I generally take place when there is a defect in the sensor. The placement of the camera in less movement area can affect the sensor action. Shift the area of the sensor where more activities happen generally.

Arlo Batteries are exhausting quickly

In case the batteries are exhausting quickly before the anticipated six months, then you must contact the Netgear Arlo experts. Whether they provide you with new batteries or they repair the battery.

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