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Are Tools Important at a Cell Phone Repair Store in Toledo?

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Cell Phone Repair Store

‘Where have the screws gone!!!’ shouted the technician at a cell phone repair store in Toledo. He started panicking because the client was about to come, and he had lost the screws, unable to close the smartphone.

It all started in the morning when a regular customer came to the phone repair store to get his cell phone repaired. The technician took the iPhone 11 pro max from the client to fix it later. Then he attended to a few more potential customers and fixed the smartphone.  

Many small components must be taken care of when you open a smartphone to fix it. Once the issue was solved, the technician started assembling it back. This was when he realized that the screws were missing. He started searching here and there but to no use. In the end, he has to replace it with new screws. The cell phone repair center had to bear the cost. But what could have been done to avoid such losses in the future? Use proper tools like magnetic mats.

This scenario clearly explains the importance of tools at a cell phone repair store in Toldeo. Several tools available in the market can make repairing an easy task. Let us have a look at the few tools that are mandatory for any phone repair store to have.

Mandatory Tools at a Phone Repair Store

Following are a few of the tools that are mandatory at a phone repair store:

  • Screwdriver kit
  • Nylon spudger
  • Tweezers
  • Opening tool
  • Precision knife
  • Anti-static brush
  • Magnetic lamp
  • Magnifying glass
  • The proper source of light like a lamp
  • Soldering iron

Let’s discuss a few in detail

  • Nylon Spudger:

It is a tool composed of fiberglass. It is available in various thicknesses but is mostly 5 to 7 inches long. A nylon spudger is a very important tool at a cellphone repair center as it is used to pry various parts apart. A nylon spudger is also used as a scraper. It gently scrapes away any adhesive from the smartphone without causing any damage.

  • A screwdriver kit:

To dismantle any smartphone, one has to unscrew its screws. For this, the phone repair technician must have a screwdriver kit. Every brand model has a different kind of screw set. Hence a tool kit will suffice rather than a single screwdriver.

  • Tweezers:

Smartphones have minuscule components. Holding them with bare hands is impossible and can also damage the component. For this, the cell phone repair store’s kit must have a set of fine-tipped curved tweezers. This helps the technician control, visibility, and access the desired task.

  • Precision Knife set:

It consists of a metal handle with six exchangeable tips. It helps you remove the double-sided adhesive with precision without damaging any part.

  • Magnetic mat:

Every one of the telephones’ parts are gotten areas of strength for through so they stay secure and water contact is least. Be that as it may, while fixing, you really want to pry up to mellow the paste and slacken the parts.

  • Anti-static brush:

Smartphones have been closed for a long time. Once they are opened, they need to be cleaned up properly. A normal brush can’t clean the smartphones. It needs a special brush known as an anti-static brush so that the circuits are not damaged. This brush cleans the phone without harming the inside mechanism or spreading any charges.

The list goes on and on, but these are a few on our list of must-have tools at an electronic repair in Toledo. Cell phone repair centers like Tech Emporium have extensive tool kits for various electronic repairs. The trick is to purchase the tools based on the expert technicians’ requirements at a phone repair store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most common phone repairs?

Ans: The most common phone repairs are:

Broken/ cracked/shattered phone screens are the most common phone repairs

Quickly depleting battery life causing battery repairs

Charging USB Ports

Button repairs

Water spills

Q: What tools are needed to repair a smartphone?

Ans: Most common tools that are needed to fix a screen of a smartphone are:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Tweezers
  • Wedges etc

Q: Is mobile repairing easy?

Ans: It is an easy occupation. Anyone who has an interest can learn it within 2-3 months. It is easy; hence there are short courses through which people can learn, but they need to refresh their knowledge according to passing the time with new technologies coming to market continuously.


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