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Apple iPhone13 Pro Max : Specs, Pricing, And Features

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Apple IPhone 13 Pro Max Price Pakistan

Apple Company is the largest mobile company in the world. No one can compete with them. The properties of an Apple iphone are very unique. But due to the starting prices of the iPhone, not everyone can afford it. For the ease of their users now the apple industry manufacture iPhone that are accessible for the common person. Apple is a very rarely used mobile phone that has its software and specifications different from other phones.





Recently Apple Company has launched its new article that has a suitable mobile price in Pakistan. Apple iPhone13 pro max is the best phone of the apple pro max series. It is made up of a newly designed version.


Apple iPhone13 Pro Max Price In Pakistan

Apple iPhone13 pro max price in Pakistan is almost 264,999 Rs. It has been launched on 25 March 2021. It is a 6/128 GB memory storage phone. It is available in multiple colors like sierra blue, silver, gold, graphite. This phone cannot easily break as it has scratch-resistant glass and an oleo phobic coating. IPhone13 pr max has the capability of water and dust resistance.



 It has an OLED display screen with 120 Hz. The OLED has a very high-capacity touch screen display. It is only one phone from Apple Company with a full display screen and has an affordable price in Pakistan. Its screen gives a very pleasure to its user to see videos and capture movies etc. The display screen is very huge. It will give a full-screen display. The size of the Apple iPhone13 pro max is 6.7 inches. It will display a full HD display to entertain its users. The resolution of 1284*2778 pixels also impacts its display.



IPhone13 pro max has a very powerful chipset of A15 Bionic that helps its processors to quick reaction. The processor used in it is a 3.22 Hexa core which is the latest processor. This processor makes the Apple iphone 13 pro max fastest phone in the pro max series. 



The graphical display of the Apple iphone13 pro max is very amazing as it has used 5 core graphics of GPU that are an amazing impact on its display.



The Apple iphone13 pro max has 128 GB of internal memory in which users can store data and information permanently. It has 6GB of RAM that will make this phone more powerful.



The Apple iphone13 pro max also has a quad-camera on its backside. The main camera is a very wide camera of 12 megapixels, the second camera is for telephoto of 12 megapixels, the third camera is ultra-wide of 12 megapixels and the fourth and last camera is TOF 3D LIDAR megapixels. On the front side of 13 pro max, there is a dual selfie camera of 12 megapixels which will give you a fan of your own. The front camera has a sensor to detect your face. 



You can secure your data from unauthorized access by keeping your phone on lock. It has strong lock features. It also provides a facility to protect your phone data with an extra face ID reader option. Your data could not be reachable if you forgot to secure your phone with a lock, because the face ID reader will not allow anyone to access your data without face recognition.



The battery of the iphone 13 pro max is fixed into the phone it could not be removable. It has a very heavy battery. Its battery is 4373 mAh which can be charged very fast and keep the backup of the battery.

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