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September 23, 2021

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Android Spy Software To Prevent Drugs Addiction In Teens

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Android Spy Software

Drug addiction is dangerous. And when it is about teens and kids, it is even more harmful. Various research studies have reported drug use in teens affects their brain development, physical health as well as makes them violent. For this, this is a serious issue. But the sad part is many parents are unable to find whether their kids are taking drugs.

Technology has provided us a lot of new tools and apps which are quite helpful. With the help of new technology, we can make our lives better and easier. Parents should start using a good parental control or android spy software. This type of app is useful to keep eyes on the kids and monitor them all the time around.

BlurSPY- Android Spy Software

There are a good number of spy apps in the market these days. But all are not worth using. Many of these are fake and charge a lot of money to the users. However, BlurSPY is the best of all. As the name show, with this app you can spy on any android phone and device. The app is considered the best parental control app as well. With this spyware app, anyone can track android phone remotely.

BlurSPY makes it easy for the parents to do better parenting in this complex digital world. There was a time when parents didn’t need any such tools or apps. They could keep eyes on the kids and find out if they were involved in anything wrong. But nowadays, without the use of spy and parental control apps, it is not possible for the parents to track activities of their children.

This app offers a wide range of features which are all essential and required for the parents to do better parenting. Using BlurSPY app, parents can control their kids in better ways. Let’s talk about the top features of BlurSPY app and find out how they can be useful for the parents when it comes to preventing drug addiction in teens.

·        Phone Call Tracking

This is one of the widely used features of BlurSPY app. With this feature, the users can monitor phone calls on the target phone. The feature lets users record any incoming and outgoing calls. You can also intercept live calls. For parents this feature is very useful to check call activities of their kids and learn if they are talking to drug dealers.

·        GPS Location Tracker

Here comes another very useful feature. When the parents have doubt about the activities of their kids and suspect their teen might be taking drugs, they keep eyes on their whereabouts. But now, with this Android Spy software, you can remotely track the locations of your kids. Parents will not need to go anywhere or follow their children. This feature tracks live location of your kids. It also keeps history of weekly locations so that parents can know where their kids have been.

·        Social Media Monitoring

Social media use has become common these days. It can be helpful when it comes to learning about the drug use among kids and teens. Many kids talk to their peers and drug dealers on social media. They use Messenger and other apps. With BlurSPY, parents can check the chats and messages on these apps.

·        Tracking Instant Messengers

This feature is very much needed for all the users. It allows BlurSPY users to spy on WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and such other apps. Many of these apps are used for instant communication. You kid might be using WhatsApp to talk to the drug dealers and their friends for planning a drug party. With BlurSPY, you can get access to their chats and see what they are talking about.


Preventing drug addiction is challenging for the parents. But with the use of BlurSPY app, parents will have complete information about the activities of their kids. They can find out if their kids are taking drugs and when they have their next drug party.

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