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An Overview About C Section In A Nutshell

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C Section In A Nutshell

C section rates as a safest option if the health of a baby or mother is at risk. There are risks along with benefits associated with a C section delivery. Just discuss with your doctor or midwife on how it can have an impact on you.

The benefits

Where did caesarean get its name and Julius Caesar is the brainchild behind. He is assumed to be the first baby who was born by this method. But still there are some benefits of this type of delivery as follows

  • Pain reduces before and after birth
  • After birth possibility of heavy bleeding reduces
  • Any injury to a vagina is ruled out

In no way it means that the things will not happen. But the risk does seem lower in case if you had a vaginal birth. The risk of bowel movements and pain is more when you had a birth of this type.

The risks

In opting for a C section considerable risks arise to both the mother and the baby. Do discuss with your doctor on how these risks are going to have an impact on you and even your baby

  • Infection or any form of wound on the lining of your womb
  • Problems could arise if you are planning to become pregnant in the future

C section performed lead to an increase of preterm birth during the next pregnancy. There are some possible risks that can arise to your baby which are

  • Any cut to the skin that might occur during surgery. This seems minimal and would heal in the days to come
  • Breathing problems are bound to come up if your baby is born before 39 weeks of pregnancy. Most of the problems fade on its own but some babies need to head over to a neonatal unit. Discuss with your doctor if you are worried about the breathing of your baby when you are at the hospital. Once at home and if the baby is not breathing properly there are medical emergency numbers where you can get in touch.

C Section name along with the long term effects

Limited research is available on how C section goes on to have a long term impact on kids. Though some experts feel that babies who are born via C section carry a higher risk of asthma, or obesity. Till now the risk of it is still not clear. No clear cut evidence is available as C section could be responsible behind it.

Logic behind this is that the baby is not exposed to the bacteria inside the vagina of a mother. Another link suggests that women who have a C section could face problems with breastfeeding.

In case if you had a C section birth, in case if you want a vaginal birth for your next pregnancy it is very well possible. Just you need to give birth in a hospital where emergency C section facility is available. The doctor at the hospital will educate you about the various options for delivery.

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