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An App’s Guide To Create The Best One That Works For All

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Summary: Every app has a way to feel more valuable and the developer certainly knows about it

An app is best when it performs to the best of its abilities and when one looks at it, it should be the best thing one has experienced on their phone. We all have so many users on an app these days that it becomes all the more difficult to find the right person for your respective needs. There are times when the app crashes, or there are temporary errors as well. If you would be aware over the past weeks and months, one has heard the message on multiple occasions that the specific app is down due to maintenance reasons.

A lot of apps these days are used for social interactions, whether it be the social giant Facebook, micro-blogging site Twitter, and photo-sharing app Instagram or chat app WhatsApp. These are some of many apps that we use on a day-in and out basis and it involves a host of things including the app’s performance and their feasibility. The work done by these apps has made them the master in the field of work and one would have to understand that nothing else matters more than the right solution that one needs for themselves at the end of the day. We all have that one need which needs to be fulfilled by these apps and that is the ability to connect with all in the modern-day and age.

An App's Guide

No matter what we do these apps have brought us closer, and that is one of the major reasons why the aforementioned apps have become household names. Facebook started off on a different scale but moved over to being one of the biggest giants in the field of work and is the leading social media network. Twitter has also evolved over the years and it can be said clearly that the micro-blogging site is home to many because it helps people become aware of what’s the most important thing in the world with its trending option.

Instagram helped people share their photos with others and over the years, the use of filters and the evolution of stories on all platforms except Twitter has helped people share their memory with others for a time frame of 24 hours. It may sound weird but no story option on Twitter has worked in its favor as one needs to only focus on what they share and that becomes their word for others. No matter who you are or what you do, things seem to be at ease because the right amalgamation of sharing inputs along with the option to add feelings as emoji has proven invaluable in the growth of the micro-blogging site.

An App's Guide

No one is ever of the idea of what may work and may not work for the end-user on a social media platform but one can be sure that the right metrics will give you the desired result at the end of the day. It is this that matters and makes way for more solutions than ever before because with the advent of technology we may see the best in class work by our side at all times. While we may have varied thoughts about what is and isn’t good about an app, let’s try to read through the points mentioned in the article, and if you feel ok or not with it feel free to drop a comment for the readers’ kind perusal. So without further ado, let’s get down to it:

An App's Guide

#1 The App IsFor The User

The app is being created for the end-user and if the user is not convinced with the end product then every effort made by you goes in vain. One must understand that the end-user is the decision-maker whether you have made a product that is worthwhile or not, and that is where this comes into the picture.

#2 Security Should Be Enhanced And Is A Mandate

Now even before you start questioning it, let’s understand that security is a mandate and not a feature that you can promote. Every app should make the end-user believe that the content they share on the app is safe and they have nothing to worry about at all. This is an important aspect and must be taken accordingly. The most important point is that it should be a mandate and not a feature.

#3 Use The Right Tools

There are so many tools available in the online space that can work wonders for you, and you should try them to get the right product for yourselves. It must be understood that every business is important and holds the same value which is why you should use the correct tool for smiles and once you reach there the app will be of the perfect value for the user. The user is at the epicenter of anything that you create and so don’t fret about it because you would need to make sure that the work done by you yields the right results.

#4 Design It Right

Let’s take a look at any major app in the world, and you would see that they make changes to the platform but these changes are minimal oriented and not change on a maximum level. The user interface is all that matters and one would have to see how the app performs and no matter what you do, never change the overall look and feel of the app because it takes away the soul.

#5 Change Is The Only Constant

The heading in itself is explanatory and if you still need an explanation let’s understand that change is the only thing that keeps things going. If you want an app to be valuable and concur with its users keep updating it, and with new technologies, benefits, etc. with the point number 4 in place. If the same is not checked then things can falter and you should check that to ensure that you have an app that is updated according to the latest protocols in the app division.


App can be your best friend or worst enemy based on how you formulate it to be. The app should perform various functions and one can rest assured that it will add more fun to the available choices.


Author Bio: Ritika is an avid writer and marketer. She has over 10 years of experience in writing content for industries and products across the board. Besides this, She is the founder of Codeblends, a service-based firm which has widened up its roots by providing dot net development, website development, and digital marketing services to the client around the globe. In her free time, she likes cooking, decorating her home, and dining with friends.


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