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October 17, 2021

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All You Should Know About The Types Of Forklift Lights

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Forklifts make work easier in a warehouse environment. Efficient use of a forklift requires investing in some handy accessories including lights. There are various types of forklift lights. So, it pays to understand the options available before you go shopping. Each work environment requires different light requirements. However, safety lights are essential in any work environment to limit accidents and damage to goods and property.

Here’s a guide to the type of forklift lights

Halogen lights

These are lights that use a regular bulb with filament. Halogen lights are prone to shock and vibration. These lights have more amp draw compared to LED options. It means that using halogen will drain your forklift battery much faster. However, halogen lights are cheaper in the short run compared to LED options.

LED lights

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights are more durable and energy-saving compared to halogen lights. These draw less amp from the forklift battery and don’t get hot. LED lights have lenses made out of plastic making them less prone to breaking. Although the initial cost of these lights is a bit high, you save a lot more in the long run since these lights last for many years.

Security lights

Safety is a very important consideration when using forklifts. So, it is a wise decision to invest in safety lights. These come in blue and red options. You can buy for klift blue lights online for mounting on the overhead guard of your trucks. These lights aim at the ground in front or behind the forklift. With light aiming at a distance, it allows pedestrians and other motorists to realize that there’s an oncoming truck. This is very important when the truck is exiting or entering aisles.

Alternatively, red zone lights are for mounting on the left or right of the overhead guard aiming at the ground. The red illumination alerts pedestrians and other operators about the presence of an oncoming truck. This helps to avoid potential collisions that contribute to severe injuries and property damage.

Rear lights

These are lights mounted on the rear of the overhead guard aiming behind the truck. Rear lights illuminate the forklift when moving in the reverse direction. Narrow low-profile lights are mounted on the rear overhead guard for protection from damage. In addition, rear combination lights give an extra indication to options of the overhead guard such as stoplights, turn signal lights, and backup lights.


It is a good idea to mount a headlight on a forklift with an overhead guard. The headlights are modified to match the truck’s features such as an enclosed operator cabin. Inward mounting of inset headlights on top of the overheard guard keeps them safe from damage. Additionally, it allows the mask to keep out some light coming from the forward projection.

Narrower low-profile lights are mounted just like standard headlights to keep them protected without having to move them in the confines of the overhead guard. The combination of front combination lights enhances the function of standard overhead guard lights. Some of these include turn signal lights and clearance lights.

Activation lights

Using the forklift requires the use of some lights that indicate activation. Turning on the truck switch lights the Key on light is wired to the key switch. Activation lights save time for frequent use when handling tasks including unloading and loading. The Key-off switch turns off the light when turning off the truck. This saves amp draw from the battery by limiting draining the battery for leaving lights on for a prolonged period.

The appropriate lights turn on depending on what the operator is doing with the truck. The Key on /off lights require professional configuration by a certified technician. Automatic lights turn off the forklift when the oil pressure is at a particular when the truck engine is started. The appropriate light turns off after pressing the corresponding key without responding when the engine is started.

Benefits of investing in forklift lights

A forklift needs lights for safety and visibility just like any other motorized vehicle. despite the forklifts rarely going faster than 6 to 7 mph, lights are very important. Sometimes pedestrians in a warehouse use earplugs, are deeply engrossed in their work, use headphones, or work near loud machinery. All these circumstances might detract some senses.

Forklift lights are very important for the safety of pedestrians, protect the operator and the truck itself. Front lights help an operator to see any obstructions on the ground and to recognize a sloping grade that might affect the weight distribution of the load for lifting. Additionally, the lights come in handy to enhance visibility in poorly lit corners.


Investing in the appropriate forklift lights will significantly pay off in the long term. Lights such as blue and red safety lights enhance safety in the work area by alerting pedestrians about the presence of an oncoming truck. This helps keep the workplace free from damage to goods and property as well as avoiding injuries. Fortunately, you can easily find a reputable supplier of forklift aftermarket accessories that will significantly pay off in the long run.

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