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AI And Design: Match Made In Heaven Or Match Made In Hell?

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AI is fast becoming one of the most dominant technologies in the industry. It has almost become synonymous with the future. Many scientists, philosophers, and intellectuals are putting their hopes in AI. It is supposed to end war, hunger, famine, low levels of literacy and what not. But there are others who consider AI to be a highly dangerous technology. Movies and comics are featuring AI either as the savior of the world or the reason that it ends.

Whatever their point of view, they all agree on one thing: AI has a lot of potential.


AI’s impact on the Design Industry

As with other industries, AI has started impacting the design industry as well. AI has started to show that not only can it perform mundane, routine tasks better than humans but it can also ‘think’ creatively.

Again as in other industries, people have opted to go to two extremes when it comes to the impact of AI on the design industry. For some, Ai is the future of the industry that will assist designers in building new and improved designs, while others are trying to make the point that AI will take away the humanity out of the industry altogether.

When machines were invented, people thought that they would replace human employees and poverty will increase. And that did happen, but humans did not run out of jobs. They just invented newer industries and newer jobs. It is the same with AI in the design industry. It will not takeover the designer’s job, it will take the industry to a higher level.


Features of AI

Cognitive Ability

AI has developed cognitive abilities that are almost the same as that of humans. They can recognize colors, shapes, codes, patterns, and other objects. They can put data into relevant categories for future use. They can retain information far longer than humans can.

These abilities not only don’t hinder the design industry, they are, in fact, highly beneficial for designing certain types of websites or logo design. These abilities will allow AI systems to identify different objects and voice, categorize them, and find out if these objects have been used before or not, no matter how long ago that was. They will also help the system perform the task with a lot more accuracy.

Apprehending Contexts

Up till now, machines would function in a specified way. They would follow the steps that they were dictated to do. They were not able to ‘think’ for themselves. A printer was just a printer that would take some input and print it out as it is. It was not able to change the spellings, the grammar, or anything else. Now with AI systems, machines like the printer can understand the task that they are performing and do it better than the last time.

Presenting Personalized Content

Now with the help of AI, machines can take any data that is given to them and respond accordingly. They can show different results for different users. They can personalize the results for each specific customer. The best example of this are social networking sites. You news feed is personalized to your likes and dislikes. You see ads based on your previous choices.

This makes for a better UX and adds value to it. Customers instinctively flock towards the websites or networking sites that personalize their responses. Social media wouldn’t be so interesting and in demand if it weren’t for the personalization.

Structure Identification

AI based systems can now identify various kinds of structures. Machines are using this feature to identify thumb impressions and facial features. AI has surpassed human efficiency in this matter as it can identify and recognize the tiniest bit of difference in any object or image.

AI and the Future of Design

If we take into account all the above features and many more, we come to the realization that this doesn’t harm the design industry at all. In fact, these features of AI can help take the industry to new heights. AI can now identify what type of layout a business website should have based on its target audience and type of product or service. It can also determine when the website should redesign itself once it determines that the interests of the audience is shifting.


Voice Recognition and Voice Search Optimization

AI’s ability to recognize voice and search for something based on voice commands makes it very beneficial for designers and making their work easier for them. Working with an AI system will make them free from the need to keep on moving the cursor, clicking here and there to find the right design or to make changes in it.

Many futurists are predicting that in the future, the most used form of input will be the voice search optimization.

Final Remarks

All the above features of Artificial Intelligence make the same point: AI is definitely going to help the design industry evolve but it doesn’t seem likely that it will take over the entire industry and leave the designers high and dry. Even if we consider the worst case scenario, and assume that the machines will eventually take over the industry, there is one thing that they will not be able to do. Decide the goal.

The need for a human to approve or disapprove the design will stay the same. The designer will be the one to tell the AI system which design is suitable for the customers and which isn’t.

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