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Accessories You Must Have for Playing Soccer

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Soccer is one of the most widely played sports in the world with many international leagues and tournaments taking place worldwide. Soccer athletes are famous, and many young kids and upcoming players idolize them and want to be a player like them.

It is a fairly straightforward game, and you do not need any complicated equipment or stuff to begin playing soccer. However, it is a very physical game, and if you do not have the necessary accessories, you will run the risk of picking up an injury. So, it is essential to be prepared before you start playing.

Let us know about the basic accessories you must have to play soccer.

Soccer ball

It is impossible to play soccer without a good quality ball. Buy the ball according to the surface you are going to play on. The size of the ball also differs for professionals, amateurs and kids. Use the ball on the surface it is meant for otherwise it can get damaged or even burst.

The ball will come deflated so buy a pump with it so that you can inflate it whenever it is needed to. Playing often will make it lose air, so a pump is essential too. Some premium and costly balls come with a warranty and while buying, ask the dealer for such a ball.

Soccer kit 

Before playing a game of soccer or training, make sure to get yourself a proper kit that includes proper shirt, shorts, game jerseys and undershirt. The jersey and shorts for soccer are made from a suitable material that does not absorb the sweat and makes it heavier and uncomfortable.

The kit should be lightweight so that you can run, jump and tackle comfortably without any difficulty. You should have freedom of movement, and there is usually one home and away jersey for a soccer team. A goalkeeper should include gloves in his kit as they provide a better grip while goalkeeping.

Soccer cleats or studs

One of the essential accessory you must have for playing football is soccer shoes, also known as studs. Boots with plastic studs are used on indoor and artificial surfaces while the iron studs are used to play on natural grass fields. The studs help in controlling the ball in a better way and make sure you don’t slip while playing.

A good pair of studs will help you to improve your movement, passing, shooting and crossing in soccer. A typical shoe will not allow you to play properly, and you can even slip and pick up an injury. Make sure you buy a nice pair of studs from a top brand before you start playing soccer. Major brands like Nike and Adidas have a vast collection of soccer studs available everywhere in the world.

Shin guards

Soccer is a very high tempo game that includes extreme physical activity like running at high speed, jumping and sliding. Moreover, the studs at the bottom of the shoes are dangerous and can cause a severe injury if you get hit by them. Many injuries are caused because of getting hit it by a stud while tackling. Hence it is crucial to wear shin guards while playing soccer.

It is compulsory to wear shin guards in professional matches, and they provide much-needed protection to your shins. Without the guard, your shin can get fractured too. Shin guards also come with ankle protections that have another protective layer, particularly for your joints.

Soccer socks

It is not advisable to use regular socks for playing soccer. Soccer socks are specifically designed for the sport and are very long. Usually, they fit till above the knee and cover most of your leg. It protects against bruises and cuts if you fall down while playing or slide or make a tackle. It is the most basic form of protection for a soccer player.

Another critical function of a soccer sock is to hold the shin guard in the proper position. Without the sock, the guard may move and not cover your shin adequately. It will not protect your shin in this case, and you will also have difficulty while walking and running on the field.

Soccer goalpost

A goalpost is the place where a team scores the goal by putting the ball inside the opponent’s post. It is impossible to play soccer without a goalpost, and therefore you will have to arrange for a goalpost before starting your game. There is a lot of variety in today’s market, and you can get goalposts of various shapes and sizes.

Many goalposts are specifically designed for a soccer training session, and that includes rebounder goalposts from which the ball bounces back. They are helpful for both the goalkeeper and the outfield players. Make sure you visit a good sports store to find the right quality soccer goals for your field.


Soccer is also known as the beautiful game, and people all over the world go crazy for it. Many children and youngsters want to be a professional player, and that’s an excellent thing. However, we need to be fully prepared before we start playing.

In the above article, we read about the accessories one must have to play soccer. Make sure you get all of this equipment from a nice and genuine sports store and work hard to achieve your goals and ambition.

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