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Chadar Trek – The Most Significant Winter Trek In India

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Chadar Trek

About Chadar Trek

Ladakh is also known as the roof of India, as it is the highest civilized place in India. It is the newly declared union territory of India. It is the land of peace, adventure, and thrill. It is famous among national as well as among international tourist and destination lovers. The breathtaking landscapes with the background of snow-capped mountains make it more special than any other place in India. Ladakh consists of several tourist places which attract the tourist and they sink into the beauty of those. Most of the attractions are monasteries and gompas, as the significant religion of Ladakh is Buddhism. Other religions can be found there are Hinduism and Islam.


Most of the tourists visit Ladakh in summer(April to June) and in autumn(late September to November last). During this time, the weather and climatic condition suitable for the sightseeing tour, group tour, and bike trip. In summer and autumn, the sky remains clear blue, and views remain most scenic. Then from December, the place experienced a downfall in tourism dramatically as the winters of Ladakh are harsh and not suitable for the outsiders. But in this world, every place has its hidden treasure so as the Ladakh also have that is nothing only –


 “The Chadar Trek

It is the topmost winter trekking destination in India, as well as in Ladakh. The interesting fact behind the Chadar trek is that it is the frozen river trek that takes place on the Zanskar River. In the month of winter, the whole Zanskar river freezes and converts into the thick sheet of snow on which humans and animals can walk comfortably. It is the old traditional route that was used by local communities to reach Leh from Padum or vice versa. Now it is the winter trekking hot spot where trekkers feel the adventure by walking on the ice route as the river takes the shape of a snow trail, so the name given by locals is “Chadar” that’s why it is called Chadar Trek.


The Weather at Chadar Trek

At the high altitude, climatic and weather conditions changed so same with the Chadar Trek, Ladakh. During winters, the temperature remains less than 0°C upto -20° C. That is the main reason behind the formation of Chadar means thick snow sheet on the Zanskar river. The thickness measured of the snow sheet is 6” or more than which remains suitable for walking on it. Even during the day time maximum temperature recorded is not more than 2°C. This type of temperature gives the feeling of bone-crushing, so all trekkers advised to wear the clothes which have a high insulating capacity. Because if there will be any carelessness in wearing clothes, it may lead to serious health hazards. Other than this, good quality warm trekking shoes with thick woolen socks and high-quality insulative woolen gloves are recommended.


Standard Itinerary for Chadar Trek

The following is the standard proposed itinerary for Chadar trek, which can be changed any time if there is an issue with the weather.

Day 1 – Arrival At Leh

Day 2 – Rest & Acclimatization Day

Day 3 – Medical Checkup.

(Note that on this day you will be free for roaming around Leh so if you have missed some things to carry then you can search them to buy at mountaineering equipment shops at the central market and also visit some more nearby places.)

Day 4 – Leh to Shingra Koma

Day 5- Shingra Koma to Gyalpo

Day 6 – Gyalpo to Tibb Cave

Day 7 – Tibb cave to Naerak camp

Day 8 – Nerak to Tibb Cave

Day 9 – Tibb Cave to Shingra Yokma

Day 10 – Departure From Leh

The total length of the Chadar trek is 115 kilometers, and trekking activity takes place till the Nerak waterfall. It is also fantastic to see the frozen Nerak Waterfall, which looks like a curtain of snow. Generally, in a day, a maximum of 16 kilometers can be covered while trekking on the Chadar Trek. The trek route is surrounded by the cliffs, which are maximum upto 600 meters and minimum upto 5 meters at some places.


It is all about Chadar Trek.

Here one thing you should note is to be careful while packing things to carry because once you start trekking, there will not be any shop or facility you will find. Throughout the 7-6 days, you will be walking in the snow wilderness, so do not make any mistake.


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