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A Guideline for Beginners On Country Polka

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Polka is one of the 8 famous forms of country western dance lessons. This type of dance is extremely popular in Texas. From a social and competitive perspective, polka is one of the best dances. This dance involves a high amount of energy. Dancers move quickly around the floor. Here we are going to discuss polka in detail for those who are interested in it. For those who don’t know about polka, this information would be very soothing. The country is an ancient dance but its combination with western style has made it more popular.

Due to being popular people are very much interested in learning country dance. You can find many dance studios offering Country Dance Lessons. The trends change with time therefore, dance style can also change. The new generation is very much interested in western style. So, to make country dance more attractive western style induced in it. We can’t discuss all western and country mixtures in a single discussion. Therefore, we will focus only on polka.

History Of Polka:

“Pulka” word has derived from the Czech phrase “half step.” This means the slight stepping of one foot to another. The polished Americans in the 20th century adopted polka as their national dance. From that day till now polka is famous around the world.

Characteristics Of Polka:

The polka has triple steps and lifting actions. The lift makes polka gentle on the foot. The lift in polka means slightly moving the weight at the toes and then putting weight back in the next step.

Suitable Music for Polka:

We can say that polka is a fast dance because of its range from 112BPM to 120BPM. The most common instruments used currently for polka are:

  • Banjo
  • Bass guitar
  • Drums
  • Keyboards

The written signature for polka is 2/4 or 4/4. This means that involves 2 beats or 4 beats in a measure of music. But the dance phrase has eight beats. So, you will notice that the instructor will count to eight instead of four. It’s possible to count dance from different ways. However, the most common method is to count with numbers. As far as the beat value of polka is concerned it is half, half, full. The two steps include half of a beat and the third one includes a full beat.

Basics Of the Polka Dance:

To have command on anything the knowledge of its basics is important. For learning basics, it is important to be a part of Country Dance Lessons. For starting anydance, you need to stand with the right posture. Right posture means the head is over shoulders, the shoulder is over ribs, and ribs over hips. As we know that polka includes lift in it. Keep weight forward at the balls of the feet and make use of soft knees throughout the dance.

In polka, the triple step action will use throughout. The triple step can be done in many directions and forms. But the basic step uses chasse where feet move closer to each other.

·         Leaders Polka Steps:

The leader starts by putting weight on the right foot and steps forward with the right foot. The basic dance involves two forward chasses. Step forward with left and right foot together and again with the left foot. In the next chasse, step forward with the right and left foot together and again right foot to complete a basic step.

·         Followers Polka Steps:

The follower has to do the steps opposite to the leader. He has to step forward with the right foot and bring the left foot close to the right foot. After that, take another step back with right foot. In the next step move backward with the left foot and the right foot. Move back again with the left foot for the completion of basic.

Packing It Up!

This article has put a flashlight on the details of the polka dance. People love doing this country western dance at social events. Even for competitions command on this type of dance is necessary. Just Danze Houston is offering classes to those who are interested in learning country dance. Whatever dance we are learning has a different kind of language. A kind of language that doesn’t need any interpretation. So, keep enjoying learning polka dance.

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