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October 17, 2021

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6 Tips To Eliminate No Shows By Hair Salon Software

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No shows are like a horrible dream for a hair salon. They can terrify a big or small hair salon fraternity. The staff of the hair salon gets frustrated when clients cancel their appointment at the last moment. Another customer could utilize that spot in case of in-time cancellation. Unfortunately, last-minute cancellations always bring losses. Last-minute cancellations are the major cause of time wastage and loss. Disturbance creates in the whole schedule of staff. Wasted time could be utilized for another productive task. Alas! Last-minute cancellations only result in losses. Do you know how much loss occurs due to five no-shows in a week?

If not then calculate the amount of yearly loss. Believe me that the lump sum amount will shock you. Now we can say that missing appointments is the biggest challenge for hair salons. More importantly, it strongly affects the yearly revenue earned by a salon. By using Wellyx Software you can eliminate no-shows with convenience. Let’s see all the secret tips with which software helps in dealing with no-shows. So, without further ado, let us proceed.

Concrete Tips to Eliminate No Shows from Roots:

After knowing these tips, you will admit the effectiveness of these ways against no shows.

1.   Make Efficient Use of Appointment Reminder:

The customers are frequently missing their appointments. Customers have become very occupied in this modern era. Due to which they usually forget about their hair salon appointment. Only a modern solution can solve this modern problem. The modern solution is to send them appointment reminders. Let’s suppose a client planning for a day and suddenly receives a reminder. The customer will feel relief due to this reminder. He or she will appreciate that service and their loyalty gets increase. The remainder can be sent through email, text, and phone calls.

2.   Minimize Waiting Time:

Why do you think online booking has become famous? This has become famous because it has saved clients from long waiting hours. Staff will be available to serve clients based on the available date and time. Now clients don’t have to experience annoying long waiting hours. A precious client may take 5-10 minutes extra but it doesn’t bother the upcoming customer. Because this situation is understandable. In the meantime, a trainee will prepare for the upcoming client instead of making him wait for too long.

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3.   Save A Record of Titbit of Clients:

It is critical to keep a record of all customer’s information to eliminate no-shows. The software is extremely beneficial for knowing your clients deeply. The software provides you with information about your customers in the following areas:

  • Customer’s behavior
  • Details of preferences
  • Consumers negative patterns and experiences

If a person is habitual of canceling appointments, you can keep that record in the software. This will remind you not to accept the appointment of that person again. This is the most effective way to reduce the number of no-shows.

4.   Make Booking Process Simple:

Every customer wants the booking process to be easy and simple. Because they don’t want to spend any more time figuring out the booking process. Phone call appointment booking andon the spotappointment booking can lead to customer loss. This discomfort will make them lose interest in your services. An online booking facility can reduce customer loss due to the fact of being easy. The clients can choose any date without really thinking about it because of being in a rush. But the online booking scenario gives them a detailed overview of available dates and services.

5.   Develop Healthy Terms with Customers:

Strong terms with clients are essential to have sustainability in the beauty market. This makes you unique from other service providers. Don’t forget to give importance to the opinion of a customer. Ask them about the service improvement. They will love your concern. They will feel that you are providing value to each spending. Always appreciate customers for being on time. This will alert them to the fact that you have taken time out of your hectic schedule. They will also feel valued at it. Customers cooperate when you show love and value to them.

6.   Confirm Appointments:

After completion of the booking process, send confirmation to clients with the necessary credentials. Due to confirmed bookings chances of missing appointments get reduce. As a plus point, clients can inform the relevant person if they can’t make it in time. This empty slot can be filled timely. This is a great remedy against missed appointments and no shows.


Without any doubt missed appointments are very harmful to hair salons. Don’t worry software can minimize a huge portion of it. This change will strongly affect your growth and annual turnover. Don’t think of no shows as a minor thing. Make every effort to keep them as low as possible. Take into account all of the suggestions in this article.All of them are to mitigate the impact of no-shows.

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