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A Complete Guide to Resolve QuickBooks Error 350

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QuickBooks by Intuit is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic accounting software when it comes to managing the company’s finance and filing tax returns. It has been prevalent and favored by millions all over the world. But despite it unmatchable features and extreme popularity, it frequently pops up with some of the other error. One such error is QuickBooks Error 350, which takes place when users try to connect their QB software with any bank or credit card server. As the software delivers an amazing feature that is to download all the recent transactions automatically on connecting the bank or credit card account to their QB Online., it helps in saving time and effort of entering the transactions manually. In order to receive data regularly, you are required to refresh your bank and credit card connection periodically because you may get caught with error 350 when the connection gets expired or isn’t updated by the bank. In case you are facing this error and need to get rid of it, you can either follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps. But, in case you need quick and reliable assistance, you can directly get on a call with the experts at the QuickBooks support number.

Method 1: Verify and Rebuild the Data

1. Start by opening the QuickBooks Software and tap on the ‘File’ menu then ‘Verify Data’ and go to ‘Utilities.’
2. In case you get this message stating – ‘your data has lost its integrity’ then you surely need to rebuild the damaged data using the ‘Rebuild Utility.’
3. Once again select the ‘Utilities’ tab from the ‘File’ menu.
4. Now, select the tab of ‘Rebuild Data’ in order to run the utility for data repair and press the ‘OK” button once the backup popup window for company file appears.
5. Then choose a suitable backup location for the desired file and select ‘OK.’
6. Finally, once the backup is created, Rebuild Data Utility will start performing its job

Method 2: Check for Data Corruption Manually

How To Become a QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor

1. In order to resolve this error, go to the QuickBooks lo (qbwin.log) file as it contains the error information.
2. Start by going to the QuickBooks Homepage and then press the F2 key in order to display the Product Information window.
3. Now, press F3 in order to avail of the Tech help.
4. Then move the ‘Open File’ and try locating the ‘log.’
5. Finally, click ‘Open’ in order to find the log file and then search for the error message and the faulty transactions that might be giving rise to QuickBooks Error 350.

Method 3: Reconnect your Financial Institution’s Account with QB Online
1. Start by going to the ‘Banking’ menu in QuickBooks Online.
2. Now, locate the account you are willing to reconnect and select the blue tile for the same.
3. Then, click on ‘Sin-In’ link.
4. Now enter the accurate User ID and password in the given boxes, in order to log in to your financial institution’s legit website.
5. Then choose the accounts for which you want QuickBooks to download the transactions and then tap on ‘Continue.’
6. Finally, click on the ‘Updates in order to get all the latest transactions update in your QuickBooks Software.

These above-mentioned steps are some commonly used troubleshooting steps for QuickBooks Error 350, which will surely help you tackle the issue. But, in case you need quick and reliable assistance, then it is advisable to take the help of the professionals at the QuickBooks customer care. They are trained and qualified to give the best possible solution and are there to assist their customers with a sound piece of knowledge and that 24*7.


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