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September 23, 2021

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9 Hidden Secrets of Women with Flawless Skin

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There is a lot of miss-information out on the market regarding skin care, its methods and products, alongside a ginormous amount of old-wives tales, only some of which are correct. This is because the basics of skin care begin by determining a person’s skin type, only then can someone choose the best skin treatment for flawlessly clear skin. However there are a number of everyday habits that will greatly impact and benefit anyone’s current skin care regimen. They include;

1.     Cold Water Cleansing:

Opting for cold water rather than hot water for both the body and the face in particular will do wonders for improving the overall inflammation and redness on the skin’s surface that most are plagued with. Using water that is at a hotter temperature can cause irritation to the skin’s surface, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Facial skin is delicate which leaves it more prone to issues that include a flaky dermis, acne etc. In case cold water is not available, it is recommended to opt for room temperature water. In case a person opts for a hot bath during the winter, it is recommended to finish off with a splash of colder water.


2.     Remove Make-up Daily:

There are a lot of reasons for someone to skip out on removing their makeup after a particularly exhausting day. But it is extremely important to make it a priority. Makeup creates a residue on the skin’s surface which, when mixed with dirt and oils from everyday activities can end up clogging pores and make a person’s skin look dull. Not only that, it can increase a person’s likelihood of developing acne. Another reason it is important to remove makeup is because of the dead skin cells that are meant to slough off of on a daily basis, however when covered with a layer or two of makeup, it gets stuck. This can exacerbate fine lines. It is recommended to use a cotton pad dipped in a gentle cleaner to remove makeup.

3.     Stay Hydrated:

It is essential to get the right amount of water if one wishes to keep their skin radiant. Water helps to hydrate from within; this can lead to a plumper, cleaner and acne free skin. Eight 8-ounce cups are recommended, however a person’s daily water requirement vary depending on their height, age and gender, among other factors.

4.     Include an Antioxidant Serum:

Antioxidant serums are a great powerhouse product that help fight against the damage caused by free radicals. This is because of the damage we all incur due to the ultraviolent radiation of the sun’s rays. Serums with vitamins C and E under a layer of SPF, preferably over 50+++, will help the skin repair the damage caused by daily exposure, as well as help in preventing the onset of brown spots and premature fine lines.

5.     Switch out Pillow Cases:

It is recommended to sleep with a silk pillow case and to change it weekly at the latest. This is because pillows tend to harbor dirt, bacteria, makeup residue, saliva and dead skin cells. With daily exposure it is very easy to get clogged pores. Not only that but using pillow cases made of other materials may be too rough on delicate facial skin. It can contribute to the appearance of premature fine lines and wrinkles.

6.     Choose Healthy Eating:

It is recommended to choose foods that are calorie dense and contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals. This lifestyle shift will greatly impact a person’s mood and skin. Incorporating workouts into a person’s day proposes a myriad of health benefits, including increased circulation.

7.     Gentle Exfoliation:

Depending on a person’s skin type, it is recommended to use an external or chemical exfoliator anywhere from once to twice a week, for those with sensitive skin, it is recommended to wait longer intervals between each exfoliation.  Opt for circular hand motions and avoid downward strokes as it encourages sagging of the skin. Exfoliators are ideal for the removal of dead skin, they can be used to speed up the skin’s turnover rate and encourage and prompt the renewal of clean and fresh skin long into a person’s old age.

8.     Use Sunglasses:

It is recommended to use sunglasses all year round no matter the weather. Frequent squinting and excessive use of the muscles around the eyes promote the formation of brown spots and crow’s feet. Not only can sunglasses prevent UV damage to the skin surrounding the eyes but to the eyes themselves.

9.     Wipe Down Cell Phone Screens:

It is recommended to do a good wipe down of a phone screen after a phone call. Debris, dust, dead skin cells and oils from the face can transfer to the screens and constant exposure leads to the formation of acne and other skin troubles. 

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