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9 driving ways to share the way

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Warm weather accentuates more types of road users.

Cyclists, motorcyclists, shelf, additional pedestrians and road construction crews take to the streets when spring arrives. Remember these tips so you can share the road safely with everyone.

  1. Look at least 15 seconds, and scan all intersections for motorcyclists and cyclists.
  1. If you cannot pass a bicycle safely with a full lane between you and the bike, you must slow the speed as you would any other vehicle and wait for it to be safe.
  1. When parking on the street, check cyclists before exiting your car. There is an easy way to do this by opening your door with the hand away from the door.
  1. Check blind mirrors and spots before turning, changing lanes, traffic or merging.
  1. Allow extra time and space when passing by a larger vehicle such as a mobile housing vehicle.
  1. Clear your pass. If the yellow traffic light activated for pedestrians flashes, slow to 30 km / h and surrender to pedestrians who want to cross the street. Never pass other road users on a crosswalk.
  1. Never pass in a slow vehicle near a pedestrian walkway. The fine for passing a parked vehicle on a pedestrian walkway is $ 776 plus four weaknesses
  1. When the pedestrians walk on the boardwalk, facing you, wait until they reach the sidewalk before proceeding.
  1. As roads build-up, be extra careful about work areas. Respond to the person’s flag and be prepared to slow down and/or stop when entering work areas.

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