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September 26, 2021

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8 Ways Unclean Air Ducts Can Affect Your Health

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Air duct is an essential part of your HVAC System that distributes air around your building. It needs proper cleaning after a specific period. You usually ignore air duct cleaning and bear the consequence like nasal infection, lethargy, allergies, and many other health issues. The health department has elaborated on the hazards of breathing in polluted air. Regular air duct cleaning services in Oakland CA can remove dust in your home’s heating and cooling system. Here are the ways an unclean air duct can affect your health;

Why Should You Hire Air Duct Cleaning Services in Oakland CA, for Cleaning Service?

Decreases The Quality of Your Home Environment

Keeping the air duct clean restricts serious health issues and the overall health of your family members. The researches have shown that the health of pulmonary patients improved after air duct cleaning. 

Dirty Air Ducts Are the Cause of Common Diseases

Dirty air dust affects the quality of air in your home, facilitates allergens and bacteria to roam in your home. People with asthma and other allergies, especially kids and elders, are primarily vulnerable in such an environment. This primary reason air ducts should be cleaned regularly. 

Causes The “Sick Building Syndrome”

The dirty air ducts have accumulated pollens, allergens, and dust particles. These particles blow and distribute throughout the building when the air ducts are used. These dust particles may not cause allergies to some people but can cause respiratory problems in the long run.

Speed Up the Aging Process

If you breathe in contaminated air originating from dirty air ducts, you will feel tired. Furthermore, living in polluted air also speeds up your aging process. If you hire air duct replacement services in Oakland CA, you may face severe consequences in the last years of your age.

Facilitate Rodents and Insects

Dirty air ducts provide an optimum environment for rodents and insects to flourish. These rodents and insects can cause serious health threats. These rodents carry diseases to your home, contaminate your food and transmit the conditions to your family members. 

Cause Unpleasant Odors

The dirty air duct contains mildew and mold in them, bringing an unpleasant odor to your home. If you breathe for a long time in such air, you may not notice the smell. But it will be noticeable to any guests you invite to your home. The air duct cleaning services in Oakland CA can remove your embarrassment by cleaning or replacing it with a new one. 

Disables Efficient Functioning of Home Ventilation

The dirt and debris affect the efficient functioning home ventilation and cooling systems (HVAC). It leads to stop the filtering process, and you will end up breathing in contaminated air.  It leads to more chances of sickness in you. 

If you are noticing problems in your HVAC system, and its efficiency is declining continuously. In that case, it is recommended to get the air duct replacement services in Oakland CA, for inspection and cleaning.  Hire the services of Attic Pablo Insulation. We also make sure that our charges are in the range of every individual, as we work to provide a better and much safer home.

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