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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Renting A Home In A Metro City

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  • Research before you rent a house in a metro
  • Read the lease and ask about payment of utility bills
  • Check if the home is well-connected and has basic amenities
  • Avail a rental deposit loan to move in quickly

Metropolitan regions, be it NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Chennai, provide ample job opportunities, access to quality healthcare facilities and are home to top educational institutions. Metros also boast of well-connected transport networks and facilities such as malls, shopping complexes and theatres. However, if you are considering relocating to a metro, something of great importance to you would be the availability of apartments for rent. Luckily, metros are often the first to witness massive real estate development and so, you can find houses for rent without much hassle.

That said, to strike a winning and budget-friendly deal, it’s necessary that you know every detail about your property. you can take a bajaj finserv rental deposit loan to pay your house security deposit. Here are 8 questions that you should answer before selecting apartments for rent.

What are the terms and conditions in the lease?

When meeting landlords offering houses for rent, ask for the lease terms and ensure that you are thorough with them from start to finish. Inquire about advance rent payments, the frequency of change in the rental charge, limitations on timings, meal policies, pet policies, guest entry rules, the security deposit and how much of it will be refunded when you move out of the property.

 What will happen if you break your lease?

Unpredictable situations like family emergencies or a shift in your job to another metro may require you to get out of the lease sooner. Therefore, prepare yourself well in advance for such scenarios by inquiring about the fees or associated with breaking the lease. Also, ask your landlord about how much notice you require to give him/her in case you are moving out.

 What utilities are your responsibility?

Find out whether utility bills are included in your monthly rent. While some rentals account for sewage and water charges, others require you to pay for them yourself. If it is the latter, draw up an estimate of the expenses before signing the agreement.

 What is included in the rent?

When visiting apartments for rent before moving in, do not assume that every appliance and piece of furniture you see in the house will be available to you later. Some may belong to existing tenants or to the landlord and may not be part of the agreement. Also inquire if you get access to amenities such as swimming pools or the gym free of charge or whether you need to pay a fee.

 Are the appliances functioning properly?

If you get a fully furnished house for rent, check if the connections and appliances are working well. If repairs are needed before you move in, bring them to your landlord’s notice. Else, the onus comes on you and in the worst case, the landlord may even blame you for the negligence and utilise the deposit money to offset repair costs.

 Is the property well connected? 

Metros are usually well connected in terms of transportation; however, it is still advisable to verify how long it takes you to commute on a daily basis. Due to rush-hour congestion, travel times tend to soar in particular areas and you’d want to avoid long commutes, if possible.

 Is your landlord the owner?

Oftentimes, NRIs hand their properties to caretakers. These caretakers then lease it without the owner’s knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you are dealing with the owner by verifying the documentation pertaining to the title.

 How frequently does the landlord change the locks? 

Before renting the place, prioritise safety and privacy above all, and verify that the landlord has changed all the locks. This will ensure that the previous tenants do not have access to your place once you move in.

Now that you are aware of these rental apartment tips, proceed gather the required funding. If you are in a prime location and search for ‘apartments for rent near me’, you’ll note that the security deposit can be quite high. When you need financial assistance to close the deal, avail a rental deposit loan from Bajaj Finserv.

This way, you can enjoy financing of up to Rs.5 lakh and use the funds for expenses such as advance rent payments, brokerage fees, security deposits, furnishing costs, and relocation expenses. To avail financing in no time and without submitting several documents, check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv. The customised deal enables you to assess funding instantly and shift to your dream city and rental home easily and conveniently.

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