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70 Trades in India Forfex

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70trade india - forex

The 70 Trades in India Forfex


About 70 Trades in India

70 Trades is a website that acts as a FOREX broker. Registration is free of cost, all you need to do is open an account and make an initial deposit.

Payments are allowed by 70Trades in VISA, VISA ELECTRON, Maestro, Skrill, MoneyNet, EcoPayz, Yuupay and Neteller. Be it primary products, gold or perhaps oil you will be guided in the right manner by 70Trades. 70 Trades categorise you as per your current knowledge into beginner, experienced or professional.

Your ideas about FOREX Trading in India will no longer be obscure if you register with 70 Trades. The proper knowledge and understanding about FOREX trade in India will replace all sort of misconceptions that you may have about FOREX. Expect the site of 70 trades to be your go-to place.

Finding a reliable broker

It is true that finding the reliable broker that can get really hard at times. When looking for broker you should always keep in mind that the broker has to be an RBI verified broker. If you don’t keep this on your mind you would end up losing your hard-earned money.

Having said that money may be just one aspect of it.
There are various things that are kept in consideration while choosing a broker, you would like your broker to charge you very low commissions.

In addition to these, you would prefer the removal of intermediaries, you really need them to be flexible that allows you to choose the size of your operations.

While choosing your broker make sure that you would be considering the above factors. 70 Trades India is a broker that perfectly fits all the above criteria.

But that’s not all, 70 Trades India has a 24 hours schedule. Sunday onward until Friday afternoon one can operate any time of the day through 70 Trades India.

If all these benefits coming together may seem like it is too good to be true, then you must consider the additional perks of leverage, high liquidity along with Micro and Macro trading.


Opportunities with : 70Trades in India

Quite similar to stocks one can trade based on the futuristic prediction of the currencies. If you predict the prices of a particular currency would be going down then you may sell the currency.

Thus if you think that a country’s currency is devaluing and if you think that trend will continue then it is quite a wise decision to sell these coins for another currency, eg: the US Dollars. 7o Trades does come in handy in showing you the way to predict markets. Predicting markets can get a really tricky business.

In fact, the biggest challenge is the ability to predict the market. In case you believe that you are still too much of a novice to do the real-time trading then don’t worry for 70 trades has got your back.

While you trade with 70 Trades you may open a demo account and improve your skills related to trading. Eventually, through practice on this demo space, you would acquire the necessary skills to make lots of money by trading real time. Trust 70 Trades with as your complete guide to Forex trading.


Client security with 70 Trades

70 Trades firm prioritizes the security and safety of its client to every other factor. The company practices strict protection policies that restrict the trader’s account balance to go into negative.
70 Trades is perfectly aware of the volatility of the trading market and takes apt measures to ensure security of the traders. The company makes sure that through its strict policies and regulations the traders don’t lose more than the traders invest.


Trading Platforms Supported

70 Trades refrains from using Meta Trader4, which is in stark contrast to the popular expectations of the industry. However, it deals with the PROfit platform in the staple formats of web and mobile.
The web version of the PROfit trading platform is remarkably user friendly enabling instant execution of trades functionality and real-time market along with data feed.
Speaking of the mobile version it can be aptly mentioned that this format is at per with the web-based platform in every possible way. Traders can very much conduct their analyses, vigil the markets and enter and exit trades and they can do that all on the go.
Regardless of the device, a consumer uses Android or iOS can be certain of the immaculate compatibility. Technical functionality is never a concern when it comes with 70 Trades.


Offered Trading Accounts

As briefly mentioned previously 70 Trades uses two primary accounts. Demo account and the real account.
These two accounts do cater to the needs of numerous traders who are seeking the best way to earn and most importantly learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to the Forex Market.
The demo account is mostly endowed with 100,000 dollars in funds that is virtual. Here the clients can practice till they get their craft right without undergoing any loss.

On the other hand, the real account has the tools and features provided by the broker. The minimum deposit on this account is only 200 dollars.
Again as already mentioned 70 Trades offers a leverage ratio of 1:200. This ratio is one of the industry highest. This leaves the trader with an opportunity to exploit very high profits.


Customer Support Service

the 70 trade in India - Forex - shout me about
70 Trades possess a customer service support which runs 24*7. Its clients are drawn from various countries, with diverse mother tongues.
These customer service support team speaks in French, Arabic, Italian and also Spanish. Another thing worth mentioning is the interesting feature of 70 Trades is the professional advisory role through which it consults its clients on various complex matters of the trading business. As a result of this role, users can gain access to the broker.

70 Trades guides the users in learning nitty gritties of the trading business. This learning enables them to take accurate trading decisions so that they can succeed in this highly volatile market.

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