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7 Ways To Clean Your Home With Baking Soda

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Clean Your Home With Baking Soda

Although the start of modern baking soda did not appear until the early 1940s, sodium carbonate was used in ancient life as early as 3500 BC. as a form of cleaner in Egypt.
The most modern form has been developed to replace yeast in recipes used by Alfred Bird’s wife in Great Britain. He developed the formula because it was allergic to baking yeast. Modern people would use his invention a lot, including cleaning our houses.
From brushing your teeth to polishing mirrors, baking powder is a common household product with more than 101 applications. At Elite Housekeeping we are constantly working on solutions, including baking soda for a chemical-free cleaning service that our customers can count on.
Here are some of our best tips for purifying baking soda for those who are considering trying baking soda for themselves.

7 ways to clean your house with baking soda

1. Smelly Fridges and Compost Bins

One thing your fridge, trash and compost bin have in common is the ability to really stink a place. Strong scents come from food sources and are absorbed by other materials.
In the case of your refrigerator, the non-smelly food absorbs these odors, and unfortunately this also changes their taste. In your bin and compost bin, the plastic material of the bin absorbs the odor, causing them to stink over time.
You can prevent or remove these terrible odors with a simple trick to sprinkle baking soda in the container or stack an opened container of baking soda in the door of your refrigerator. The baking soda absorbs the odor before any other material and protects your house and nose against offensive odors.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are hoarders of dust, bacteria, debris and odors. From animal hair to crumbs, our poor carpets are made by the wringer. At Elite Housekeeping we saw that many customers reached the point where they were ready to throw a carpet in the garbage before we cleaned our baking soda tips.
Save your carpet and your wallet by simply using soda. To keep your carpet fresh, sprinkle baking soda on it at night before you go to bed. Be liberal with the powder and then stay off the carpet until the morning.
Once the baking soda has had the opportunity to absorb and absorb stains and odors, vacuum it up. It may take a few journeys with the vacuum cleaner and make sure you empty the room after each pass. When done, your carpet will smell just as fresh as the day you bought it and it will be much cleaner for the effort.

3. Polish Silverware with a Night Soak

Another of our clean baking soda tips that requires overnight activity is the silverware.
After a while your silverware gets a beating, it gets stained and even damaged. Baking soda and water are the perfect combination to tackle these difficult problems with silverware.
In a large bowl, mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 4 cups of water. Stir gently and place cutlery to be polished in the bowl. These pieces must all be clean before you place them in the mixture, because it works better with as few food particles as possible.
When you wake up in the morning, remove the cutlery from the bowl, rinse it and let it dry! As good as new.

4. Use Baking Powder to Empty Your Drain

Have you ever tried the experiment where vinegar and baking powder explode your papier-mâché volcano? The same science that has given you the ribbon of first place can help you get out of sticky situations when the sewer system is put back in your house.
The acid in the vinegar acts on the baking powder, causing it to fizz. These air bubbles and the chemical reaction in them eat food particles and other materials that clog the sewers in your home.
This is a great alternative to the harsh chemicals used in unblocking agents that can damage fragile plumbing in your home. A bonus of this method is the polishing of stainless steel sinks after the mixture has been washed away. You don’t even have to scrub them, because the reaction between the two ingredients breaks down food and stains and leaves a shiny metal sink.

5. Remove Bacteria in Your Children’s Pool

Nothing is as fun as splashing in the children’s pool on a warm summer day.
Unfortunately, as soon as the pools are stored for the winter, any remaining bacteria or liquid causes mold to grow. You can get rid of this unfortunate build-up with a rinse of warm water and baking powder.
The antibacterial properties of baking soda wash away the fungus and prevent it from coming back, because the swimming pool is wiped dry and stored correctly.

6. Add a Cup to Your Laundry

If you notice that your laundry looks faded and faded, a bowl of baking soda might be for you. Brighten colors, whiten white and make blacks darker with a scoop of baking powder.
The baking soda is added with your standard detergent. Not only will it become brighter and whiter, but you will find that each piece of laundry smells a little fresher than with a standard load.
Baking soda in the wash is especially great for loads with items that have been treated for stains. The baking soda acts on the stains and helps them to bleach while maintaining the integrity of the materials.

7. Remove Waste Odors from Your Home

Cats are beautiful majestic creatures, who are excellent companions, however, dealing with a litter box is not a walk in the park. By adding a dash of baking soda after every cleaning, your house will never smell like you have cats.

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