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7 Tips You Must Know For Buying a Used iPhone in Nigeria

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Everyone wants to use iPhone but you know it’s not cheap as you think. Rarely the iPhones are go on sale and the buyers are too much. Buying a used iPhone is your best thing because at half price you can easily get your favorite model iPhone.


7 Tips you must know about a used iPhone


Need to verify the IMEI number

You know how it’s possible that the iPhone you buy maybe replaced your body. You must need to check the IMEI number before buying a used iPhone from Naija phones or any other company that provides secondhand iPhones. So be careful and check for your satisfaction.


Before buy check the battery timing

You know the user cannot replace the iPhone battery, the used iPhone you buy must be a strong battery. So timing, camera pixel check as well as the other features. Now you can Buy Apple iPhone in Nigeria easily at a reasonable price. The iPhone that is used few months is battery timing is good but that used iPhone which used two or three years is light battery power. Check the battery health then buy.


Check the phone is damaged or not

Look at the phone and observe the damage. If you saw the phone is damaged and not best for use, don’t take it. Many used iPhone sellers are available on the internet that gives you the used phones with affordable rates, a guarantee, and a money back guarantee. Big scratches on the phone are not suitable for use. Minor cracks having no problem but if big cracks occur, it’s a problem.


The most important thing check the warranty 

If you are African and want to buy the sued iPhone from Naija phones, check the warranty of the iPhone that was given by the company. So many iPhone sellers give the 12-month warranty as well as the 1 monthly money back guaranty.


Check used iPhone is best or not? 

How it’s possible to Buy Apple iPhone X in Nigeria? Only check the condition of the iPhone before buying an iPhone as a new model, you can see that the sued iPhone is best for use at a reliable cost. It depends on where you buy an iPhone is best or not. The best company provides the used iPhone is best but mostly not.


Before buying, compare the prices with other companies

Many companies provide the iPhones at a high price maybe it’s used. But the most important tip for you to compare the used iPhone price with the other companies and sites then check. If the price and quality are the same, then best otherwise not. If you lived in Nigeria, there is difficult for you to buy the best-used iPhone from Naija phones easily.

Are you sure the phone is not stolen? 

Always use Apple’s Activation Lock status tool to check the iPhone you want to buy is not a stolen phone, if the phone is stolen maybe you get to jail. To check the status the IMEI number is available on the device.

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