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7 Tips to buy plants online

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Buy plants

Buy plants online is a simple process, though it has a lot of considerations. What kinds of plants will suit your place, which ones will grow successfully, and once you have selected the plant, how will you be able to transport them to your home. In today’s times, it is not imperative for you to go physically to a plant shop, pick up the plants and carry them all the way to your home. 

The following are some tips to buy plants online-

  1. Decide where to purchase-

When you are trying to buy plants online, firstly read the reviews to know what experiences other customers have had in terms of plant quality, packaging, and customer services. Since live plants are perishable and die quite easily, customer reviews allow you to get a basic understanding of how sincerely an online site ships these delicate plants. You should make sure that your plants have a guaranty so that you can get what you pay for.

  1. Select the best plant for you-

When you buy plant online, try to get a rough idea regarding which plant will look nice in your space and which won’t. These online websites allow you to filter the plants by size, light requirements and level of care needed by them. Majority of online sites also keep their blog regarding plants which provide a lot of resources including plant care guides to design inspiration etc. You can browse the website and see which plant suits your bathroom, bedroom etc.

  1. Do experiments-

For the gardeners who want to explore, no prior special knowledge is needed. They should keep an open mind. They should get a whole variety of plants they like, which they haven’t purchased earlier.

  1. Try out different combinations with Pinterest boards-

One let down of online shopping is that you are not personally able to touch the leaves of the plants and see them. To overcome this problem, you can make Pinterest boards and try many kinds of plant combinations and themes for planting beds. This works as it shows virtually how the plants that you have chosen will look next to each other.

  1. Visualize the “entire story” of the plant-

Since you are not able to see the plant in person, make sure to see multiple photos of the plants. This helps the plant shopper to see the plant from all sides and in a variety of contexts. This will allow you to get a sense of how the plant will fit into your garden or yard.

  1. Know your site-

Before selecting a plant online, research your site to find the correct match for you. But if any mismatch happens, relocate the plant.

  1. Judge your risk tolerance-

Though you must know the kind of environmental conditions you will offer the plants, you need to assess your risk tolerance. Sometimes you might want to grow a plant which is more suited to slightly different conditions.

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