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7 Creative Ways To Promote Your Artwork In Art Fair

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Creating unique pieces of art requires a lot more effort than what meets the eye. Subsequently, it is imperative to let your effort shine as you find the right ways to promote your artwork. Slowly and gradually, art fairs are now being identified as the new standard method to encourage art in exhibitions and galleries. There are multiple ways art fairs can turn into opportunities that get customers flocking to buy your artwork. Consider the art fair as a fair chance to introduce your art to potential customers. You will meet various art dealers, agents, curators, influencers, and customers, which will increase your sales. Here are seven creative ways you must keep in mind and adopt to promote your artwork in the fair.

  1. Excite Customers By Holding Giveaways :

    It can be a huge challenge to come across the right customers at Art fairs. This is precisely why you must attract potential customers to promote your artwork. One of the best ways to do it is by conducting a giveaway. It acts as a bait to look at your artwork and a chance to explore it. There are high chances that this will lead to word-of-mouth and consequent sales. So, if you are looking ahead to excite customers, then you need to start by having a perfect giveaway.

    You need to choose your artwork as a prize, which will excite the clients and giveaway participants. You can pick up a unique piece of art or something which resonates with your target audience. Apart from picking the right piece, you also need to decide on and lock the giveaway’s duration. You can suggest a week to create a sense of urgency among people. Promote and win! It seems to be a win-win for all, right? Once you select the winner, all you need to do is promote the announcement so that people start trusting your work.

2. Share Art Demos

It is essential to let customers connect with your work, and for this, people must relate to your artwork. One of the best ways to let this happen is to promote the behind-the-scenes or the making of your artwork. You can share and present shorter versions of preparing your artwork with the customers. Best will be if you share a proper step-by-step image of the making of your artwork. It would be best if you start from the scratch to the finishing sketch piece.

3. Create Exclusive Invites For The Art Fair

One of the freshest ways to promote your artwork is by creating exclusive invites for customers and inviting them. This, however, needs to be done before your artwork gets opened for the general public. Such efforts will exclusively flatter all the customers and clients, and they will be able to relate to your work.

4.  Give Special Offers To The Clients

Who doesn’t like unique treatments? Everyone does, and so do your clients. You need to please your clients by making sure that you provide special offers to them. You could try offering complimentary shipping or rather a free of cost framing for the purchase they make. This will help create a buzz for your artwork at the fair itself.


5. Create Business Cards:

It is best if you don’t clutter the potential customers with a lot of artwork. One of the best ways to stay connected with people who visit your booth at the art fair is passing over individual business cards to them. It is essential and advisable to create a business card per artwork or art piece rather than create a cumulative pamphlet. Note down what all art pieces were a particular individual interested in and then pass on the same details. It is best if you link the potential buyers only to the products they showed some interest in, rather than putting everything you have on display. One of the best ways to do so is by adding details of the art piece on a website. You can add descriptions of your work and post accordingly.

6. Handcrafted Notes And Price Tags:
Personalized human efforts go a long way as compared to digitalized efforts. One of the best ways to promote your artwork at the art fair would be giving away handcrafted notes and price tags with your work. You can also opt for creating postcards with your designs. If your visitors like those postcards, they may order the original piece as well. This will save your effort of having multiple copies, and you would know exactly which artwork has done the best for you in the fair. Your artwork at the fair should have a clearly labeled price and handwritten notes for the personalized effect.

7. Tell About Yourself:

One of the tricks to promote your artwork and connect with potential buyers is to ensure that you tell everything about yourself (as an artist). You must make them feel comfortable approaching you with whatever questions come to their minds. The goal here is to make people feel comfortable with whatever they do and create your art. They must connect with you beyond looking at it as just another promotional tactic. Yes, this sounds taxing and like a lot of investment in time, but worth a try. You should keep a note that describes you, a little about what makes your art unique, and so on while people visit the art fair.

Always remember that while you aim to promote your artwork at art fairs, you should certainly not overdo it because that ends up repelling the potential client. On the other hand, your personal touches will make your artwork memorable in all the visitors’ minds, and they will remember your work as something beyond just being a piece of art. Follow the above described seven promotional tactics which are not only inviting but also visually appealing. Send your appreciation across and offer your customers something fresh.

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