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6 Things That Make Silver Rakhi Profoundly Unique

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Silver Rakhi

At the heart of Hindu belief, Silver is not just a metal but a symbol of peace, happiness, and fortune. So, this Raksha Bandhan, gift your brother the nurturing motherhood of the feminine Silver moon in Rakhi.  

Perhaps, when your sister Buy Rakhi online as a gift in Silver, you’ll begin to notice how these 6 things make that gifted Silver profoundly unique:

  • Belief behind Traditional Silver Jewells:-

Wearing gold and silver jewellery holds a significant place in Indian tradition. In India, where Hinduism is closest to spirituality, it serves to protect the divine nature of “Shakti.” 

The Divine feminine “Shakti” is considered strong yet vulnerable when endangered by the distressful absolute worldly Earth and water element that frequencies emit negativity from the abyss, known as “Hell”. 


  • Cosmic Flow Advised by Astrologers:- 

When adorned in precious Silver, the body is said to be protected from negative energies. A heightened realisation is associated with spiritual awakening. Wearing Silver is believed to increase one’s ability to absorb the Raja Tattva. 

The term Raja Tattva refers to the “Raja” -the dignity or dominion of a king—and the “Tattva”-the elements of reality that constitute human experiences. These noble qualities are realised only by intuition. Intuition enhances emotional balance and quality of sleep and profoundly makes dreams sweeter. Tie the sacred amulet, which the calming Moon and inner peace closely protect.


  • Silver in Ayurveda for Health:-

For many reasons, Silver in Sanskrit is called “Rajata.” Rajata, which is denoted as Silver, means a noble metal. Modern medicine has intensely studied Silver’s nano-micro particles. 

Silver has been known for its antimicrobial activity since ancient times. Ayurveda, when long ago, was a dominant medicinal practice, and it used Silver to boost immunity since it helps kill the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae. 

So, send Rakhi to USA from India with a set of special silver Rakhi Pooja Thali to serve the sweet for your brother’s health. Good health is sure to be a source of wealth for quality of life.


  • Mysteries of Time intertwined in Sacred Thread:

The mystical aspect of Time is that what may seem like the speed of light can measure it, and the movement of the Sun has been carefully observed and managed to date the movement of Time on Earth here. 

But in the realm of cosmic flow, Earth is not alone, so Indians abide by Hindu cosmology. It describes the universe and its states of matter, cycles within Time, physical structure, and effects on interconnected living entities. 

 Lord Shiva, who is known as the lord of cosmic energy, bears the Crescent Moon. This Moon represents the cyclic nature of the universal order through the Moon –Waxing and Waning to grow stronger and then weaker is crowned over the forehead of Shiva, “the Destroyer of Darkness’. Thus, Silver was also the first five metals ever to be discovered, and it has been found dating as far back as 4000 BC.


  • The Highest Conductor of Heat and Electricity:

Out of all the metals, Silver is the highest conductor, and it came to be used as the standard by which all metal conductors are measured on a scale of 0 to 100. Silver ranks 100 in terms of electrical conductivity, Copper ranks 97, and gold ranks 76. 

Interestingly, silver ions are also the highest heat conductors because they contain the most free electrons in their outer shell. All Metals have a free flow of electrons, which can move from atom to atom and easily carry electrical charges, too.

Cloud seeding involves using silver iodide with potassium to cause individual droplets to freeze together and rise to form clouds. At higher altitudes, the clouds freeze into snowflakes, which then fall as Rain when they become heavier. Therefore, Silver can actually make Rain!


  • Silver is Versatile and Affordable:

However, thanks to the Economy of present-day demand and supply, precious and endearing Silver metals have preserved their quality while being highly lustrous. Silver’s versatility is now seen in Rakhi amulets, which hold a sacred place for brothers and sisters. Due to the utility and abundance of Silver, silver items have become more affordable and accessible online. Find authentic silver plating and sterling silver items at Rakhi Razaar.



Silver Rakhi makes a worthy Gift that holds sentimental value. From its association with the Gods and celestial Moon to Ayurveda (traditional medication), Silver has shaped human history forever from Time immemorial.

Tying a noble Silver Thread of Folklore rooted in ancestral wisdom. Prosperity and health are preserved through the gift of pure metals in heart-felt designer Silver Rakhi; you can easily arrange shining silver Rakhi from the online handcrafter Collection available on our page.

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