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6 Simple Steps On How To Deep Clean The Floor Tiles

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Tile floorings are very common in Dubai. It gives a modern touch to the bathroom, kitchen, living rooms, and bedrooms of your house. However, regular maintenance and cleaning of floor tiles is a very critical job. Improperly cleaned tiles reduce the shine and fade away the color of the floor. Approximately, kids get 90% of diseases from a dirty floor. Hence, regular floor deep cleaning should be a part of your life.

Read this article to learn to clean the floor tiles in 6 simple steps.

1# Know your floor type:

Knowing your floor type is the first step. It will help you choose the right cleaning agent. The floor tile cleaning agents save the tiles from unnecessary damage.There are multiple cleaners for floor cleaning. Choose the one that suits your floor type. Choose mild cleaners for ceramic and slate tiles.

You can simply clean porcelain tiles with vinegar and warm water. However, pH neutral acid-free cleaners are perfect for limestone, granite, and marble floor tile cleaning purposes.


2# Loosen the dust and grease spots:

Use a soft-bristle broom and plastic dustpan to collect dust particles scattered on the surface. This step is followed by vacuuming to clean the corners and hard-to-reach areas. An expert tile cleaning company prefers using high-performance vacuum cleaners to capture all dust particles from the floor.

Loosen the dust particles make it easy to clean without consuming too much time.


3# Grout cleaning:

Grouts are just like a magnetic surface to attract dirt, grime, and grease. You need a stiff-bristle and cleaning agents for grout cleaning. Even homemade cleaners are the best to clean grouts. Usually, oxygen bleach, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda & warm water mixture, and vinegar are good grout cleaners.

Leave the reagents on the surface and scrub the surface with a brush. Make sure you are scrubbing gently without leaving scratches.


4# Stain removal:

First, determine the type of stains such as wax, oil, paint, ink, tea, coffee, juice, pet’s urine, etc. Properly ventilate the area and use personal protective equipment to ensure your safety. Apply the cleaner and leave for 15-20 minutes to see the magic.

However, go for a spot test to check the efficacy level of cleaners. Hiring a professional tile cleaning companymeans that all the spots are cleaned nicely in no time.


5# Deep clean the floor:

You can mop the surface are cleaning the spots. However, it is a less efficient technique. Generally, a steam cleaner is used for the floor deep cleaning process. It absorbs the dust particles and kills all germs on the surface of the floor.

The steam heat acts as a disinfectant to make your floor free of germs.


6# Leave the floor to dry:

Once all these steps are completed, leave your floor to dry. If you have mopped the surface, use a clean microfiber cloth to dry the surface. If you have used a steam cleaner, let it dry naturally. After a few minutes, your floor will be ready to use.

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