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6 Secret About YouTube Marketing SEO Tools Only A Handful Of People Know

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YouTube Marketing SEO Tools

YouTube is not only the perfect option for video marketing. Different channels can work, such as Instagram, Twitter, and even Instagram, to publish the videos to build an experience. 


These channels can be perfectly ideal for producing instant awareness for your brand. For example, when Wendy’s started a video marketing ad campaign on Facebook, 50% of their total video views came within the first 24 hours. 


YouTube also has a broad range of focussing features that can help you receive your video content in front of the right audiences. 


In this article, we’ll discuss the secrets about the SEO tools that can grow your marketing abilities that make the video rankings.

1. Want To Gain Top-Ranking Keywords:

Before making your YouTube videos, use YouTube’s built-in search engine to verify out other videos that are relevant for yours. This way, you need to check what’s already working and receive a better opinion of the direction you need to reach. 


Are you looking for top-ranking keywords? Using the particular subject and testifying the thumbnails, descriptions, tags, directions, etc., then focus on your YouTube dislikes to see naturally for the videos to determine their audience’s feedback based on how they should rank.


For example, when you make the videos on social skills, you need to be fascinated by who’s ranking for keywords like being charismatic.

2. Do you want to Implement Search Auto-Suggest:

If you’re starting to make your YouTube strategy, they cannot think of pre-existing rank for the significant keywords using your niche. By utilizing YouTube’s search like an auto-suggest option, you can quickly identify long-tail keywords for your subject, so that you can rank and drive the focussed traffic for your website.  


When you begin typing a short-tailed keyword, you will get particular, long-tailed keywords that people frequently search for auto-suggest. For example, if there are some of the long-tailed keywords to rank for, you’re teaching people how to play the piano.


While you’re doing keyword research for YouTube, it’s essential to understand how it changes from Google keyword research. 

3. In-depth Insight Tool Using Keywords:

Serpstat’s keyword research tools, which can cater to you with in-depth analytic insight into what your opponents are working on the support you rank your videos higher in the search engine.


You can provide the one base keyword, and the tool will come up with a different range of suggestions that you need to rank. It will help you identify those search terms that possibilities are searching for. With that, they could locate you, support you, check your review with your competitors, and send you automated reports. 


  • Thus, Keywords for SEO and PPC ad campaigns.
  • Estimate your value of keywords.
  • Receive the long-tailed keyword recommendations.
  • Check the keyword trend.
  • Analyze the website page relevancy.


4. Make a User-generated using Google Plus & Explore:

Google Explore benefits you to receive a better understanding of keywords that are relevant for your base term, reveal your slang and user-generated video content that’s similar to your base term, and similar trends in your niche. 

It helps you to receive a more complete picture of the conversations that are changing among your target audience. By revealing trendy, time-sensitive niches discussed, you can make the content that’s more probably to searched on both YouTube and Google.

Say, for example, you need to check for the high-traffic hashtags that can be employed on your YouTube videos to increase the chances to find the right people.


5. Video marketing using VidIQ tools:

VidIQ caters to the range of video marketing tools to support the business owners to make a loyal audience via YouTube.

Also, having the appropriate tags can support your video increases their rankings within YouTube search outcomes, and VidIQ can support you to improve your library of the tags by ten times within ten minutes so that you are identified sooner. 

6. Track your YouTube content using Cyfe’s Dashboard:

Cyfe is the YouTube marketing SEO tool used for the business dashboard that permits you to view your content marketing details within the space. 

On social media, you can track the mentions for platforms like Twitter followers you receive overtime, Facebook demographics, and many more.

  • Marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Finance
  • Project management
  • Client reporting
  • Sales

You can make your customized dashboard using this cyfe on your YouTube keyword research. For example, if you can check the Twitter search traffic for your focus search terms, variations, and Google Plus search results of the keyword you’re fascinated to focus.

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