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6 Amazing Carpets, Rugs, Sofas, Or Furniture Cleaning Tricks

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Cleaning and maintaining furniture is a Gordian task. Getting stains is an inevitable phenomenon. Having hair strands or pet dander on the sofa seems very irritating. Even you do not realize how many bacteria, molds, fungus, and viruses live on the sofa. All these factors contribute negatively to your health.

Before you clean carpets, rugs, or sofas, check the labeled code on the bottom. It will help you choose the right type of cleaner. If ‘’W’’ is printed as a code, it means that water-based cleaners are the best for cleaning purposes. The code ‘’S’’ indicates that solvent-based cleaners are recommended for the cleaning process. The code ‘’WS’’ means that either water-based or solvent-based solvents are suitable for cleaning. The letter ‘’X’’ shows that you need professional upholstery cleaning services.

Check out this article to find some tips to clean upholstery. Book Ideal Cleaning to get commercial cleaning services in Dubai at your doorstep!


1# DIY cleaning agents:

You can try DIY cleaning agents to clean upholstery. Try rubbing alcohol or water & soap mixture to clean grease spots. A mixture of vinegar and water works well for coffee stains. Likewise, non-gel toothpaste is perfect to clean crayon stains. You can use a hydrogen peroxide mixture to clean blood or red wine stain. You can also rely on high-quality sofa steam cleaning servicesto use appropriate cleaning agents for cleaning upholstery spots.


2# Vacuuming:

Vacuuming the furniture directly improves its appearance. Use a stiff-bristle brush to loosen the dirt particles and vacuum the surface. Regular vacuuming also increases the durability of the upholstery. The professional sofa steam cleaning services use high-efficiency vacuum cleaners to capture the toughest dirt particles.


3# Fabric protector:

It does not matter how much you care for your furniture, it will get stains sooner or later. Fabric protectors are widely used to repel spots and spills. The fabric protectors are easily available on the stores. Fabric protectors increase the life span of your furniture.


4# Baby wipes:

Baby wipes are one of the best household items to clean upholstery. Baby wipes contain a mild mixture of water and soap that works great on leather, cotton, and polyester surface. Baby wipes treat your furniture just like a baby’s skin. You can use them to clean instant spots and spills.


5# Upholstery sprays:

Upholstery sprays are specially formulated water-free solvents to clean spots. These sprays are readily available and inexpensive. However, understand the fabric codes and choose an upholstery spray accordingly. Spray it on the surface and gently blot it. The sofa, carpet, and rug cleaning in Dubai are affordable for both commercial and residential customers.


6# Dry brush:

A dry brush with stiff bristles is an excellent option to remove pet dander. The micro-sized dander or hair strands are not visible sometimes. The stiff bristles capture hair and dander that are difficult to pluck by hand. It is recommended to get regular sofa, carpet, and rug cleaning in Dubai to restore the natural appearance of upholstery.

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