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September 23, 2021

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5 Ways Your Gadgets May Be Harming Your Body

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Gadgets Harming Your Body

CDo you have neck pain after spending time on your smartphone? Are your eyes hurt after a day in your office? Feel your thumb after writing emails on your mobile device? Did you know that all of these gadgets we use can cause significant health problems?

Common Health Problems caused by Gadgets

Smartphones and other gadgets are indispensable in our lives. But they also contribute to serious and serious health problems. While medical science is always trying to determine the extent of damage to our body, here are some common problems:

Eye Strain

Eye strain is also often referred to as computer vision syndrome in medical settings. This is a problem that usually affects adults and professionals. Computer vision syndrome is caused by a combination of factors, including:

  • Display viewing angle
  • Overhead lighting
  • Smaller font sizes

All of these factors contribute significantly to eye strain and pain due to computer vision syndrome. Experts believe that other common undiagnosed eye problems increase and aggravate the problem. The simple solution is to “practice” your eyes to prevent the effects of computer vision syndrome. It usually takes a double approach. The first goal is to make your vision less visual. The other is to take periodic visual breaks. Smoother light than hanging fluorescent lamps relieve tension on your eyes.

Neck Pain

Neck pain caused by mobile devices is also called “Neck Text”. Neck text is a condition usually caused by excessive use of smartphone or tablet. Text messages are extremely popular among teenagers and young adults, making them more common in this age group. This does not mean that adults cannot enter the disease. Anyone using for large mobile devices can develop text cuts. A good way to avoid textures is to take regular fractions and exercise neck with movements.

Thumb strain

Also known as the Blackberry Thumb, the thumb is primarily due to too large a text message. The condition is a strain of one or two tendons. The tendon that passes in the palm or thumb can be stretched. This gives rise to blackberry thumbs. In general, the difficulty and speed with which you use your mobile device is to determine the range of the Blackberry thumb. The solution is to give fractions to the fingers and thumbs. Using your phone or tablet to write long emails can lower your thumb. This can be reduced by repeated interruptions or by a complete slowdown in the operating speed. Switching to a touch screen phone reduces the pressure of your thumb, which can also help.

Elbow Strain

The tension of the elbow or elbow of the iPad is a condition that affects several wrist seals in the elbow. The nature and extent of damage is determined by the way you use your tablets. Most people don’t care about the ergonomics of using a laptop or samsung galaxy new model. They roll in bed or on the couch without thinking. The experts are still trying to investigate this type of tension, but they agree that the break is the best solution. IPad containers and tablets are a great way to combat elbow strain. They allow users to hold the tablet easily and place it in different positions without holding it.

Reduced hearing

A significant portion of the American population suffers from hearing loss due to noise. The first culprit behind this is the increasing use of headphones. People are now using their smartphone to listen to music, watch movies and watch TV shows. When using headphones, sounds over 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing damage if repeated exposure occurs. Listening to loud music (105 decibels) for more than four minutes is enough time to damage your hearing ability. The only simple solution to this problem is to use high quality, low volume headphones. Noise canceling headphones are also useful because you do not convert the volume to background noise.

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