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September 28, 2021

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5 Tips To Choose The Best Protein Bar

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What is the best protein bar? This is a question I’m often asked by my clients. The first thing I usually ask them in return is – have you ever read the label on a box of food before you ate it? If yes, did you understand what half the ingredients were? Probably not, and neither did I when I first started looking at labels. Now I do understand what they mean and how they relate to my diet. That’s why this article will help you choose the best protein bar for your goals and answer your question ‘where to buy protein bars in Australia?’!

Protein bars are an excellent snack to have when you’re on the road or don’t have time to pack a meal. Protein bars can help curb your hunger, fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet and even help you recover after a strenuous workout. But with so many different bars on the market, it’s hard to know which ones are healthy and which ones aren’t. Here are 5 tips that will help you navigate the protein bar aisle and choose the best protein bar for you.

First Is First, Read The Label 

Every other day, we see a new product launching in the health food market. Most of these products are protein bar. When you buy a protein bar, it is natural to wonder how many calories in this protein bar. There are already a lot of websites telling you the number of calories in different types of protein bar. But all those information does not help you to estimate how many calories intake from the protein bar.

Don’t forget to check the nutritional label of your favorite protein bar. Firstly, you have to see how many calories it contains. And do not take into account words like “nano” or “micro”. These are just for marketing purposes, and usually, bars which contain them are very sweet and delicious but high in calories.


It depends on the level of intensity and the number of hours you will spend in the gym. If you are going for a heavy workout, it is better to have protein bars rich in carbos before the training session or directly after the workout when your body requires nutrients for recovery. It is also more beneficial to eat these carbs during and after your workout. After all, they help you get an extra boost of energy that you need for muscle building. On the other hand, if you are going for a light workout session such as walking or even working out for one hour, choosing a low carb protein powder bar would be best.


For beginners and people who are going to perform less than a few times in the gym weekly, having a healthy fat intake is important for your overall health. But, if you’re an experienced bodybuilder or athlete and working out more, then reducing fat intake is a good idea to help your physique. Reducing your fat intake will ensure that all your post-workout nutrition goes towards repairing the muscle tissue you have broken down while exercising.

On the other hand, the bad proteins usually take part in the routine which is repeated every day like pull-ups, bicep curls and many more. Also, the protein sources ought to be understood in advance because any mismatch or unhealthy diet plan can lead to conditions like arthritis or shaken muscles.


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