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5 Tips for Designing an Office

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The corporate identity is expressed through the design of the workspace. As businesses are constantly changing in our modern world, it is vital as an interior design studio that designs commercial interiors keeps an eye on office trends. Workspaces should appeal to the younger generation and accommodate the most experienced experts to work alongside an up-to-date technology infrastructure and with health and safety in mind. By providing design and build services, we bring together a unique set of skills to help modernize any office space. Next, the 5 current trends in Office Design are detailed.

  1. Design for mobility

Commercial interiors reflect changing work practices. Due to globalization, employees are more mobile than ever. This means that more and more companies offer flexible work to their employees because they can work with IT solutions. They can communicate with their colleagues via online chat, email, phone, or video call, regardless of whether their colleagues are sitting next to them or not. Therefore, companies establish policies that allow their employees to work flexible hours or work from home regularly.

Another aspect of designing for mobility is the creation of hot desk areas, which employees can use whenever they need to be in the office. Storage solutions have also shifted significantly towards more streamlined solutions, such as thin pedestals to store fewer documents, as most information is digitally accessible. However, another type of storage has emerged to allow for mobility, and these are individually and securely locked that desk clerks use to secure their valuables when they are not in the office. For detail tips visit bespoke office furniture.

  1. Design for comfort and ergonomics.

A trend that our interior designers have seen develop in recent years is the creation of informal meeting areas to enhance creativity and collaboration between teams.

Many companies are now seeing the benefits of a more relaxed office layout as people become more comfortable breaking down virtual communication barriers.

Another aspect of increasing wellness and team collaboration is making employees more satisfied with using naturalism. The inclusion of greenery and natural sunlight should be an integral part of office design. Commercial interior designers often use natural finishes like wood to provide a calm element.

  1. Design for modern ways of working

We couldn’t talk about office design trends without mentioning the virtualization of work practices. Thanks to better communication tools, we can now successfully work with teams from all over the world without even leaving the country. Also, working from home was something that was frowned upon just ten years ago, but as computers, communication software, and high-speed internet are adopted everywhere, working from home is becoming as easy as working from home. Office. This introduces new office practices like hot-desking: people do not have an assigned desk but an assigned area in the office for hot-desking. They come and occupy a desk, and then at the end of the day, they lock their belongings in their assigned locker.

  1. Design with acoustic solutions

For an open space office, acoustics is a critical element. Office design experts have pointed out that open space offices where the acoustics are not placed at the center of the office design will eventually demotivate workers. Having to work close to each other and listen to work and personal conversations at all times can be alienating. Hence why individual acoustic capsules, acoustic dividers, and acoustic desktop panels are becoming more and more popular. It is less formal than a wall partition but still aims to provide division. Most modern office equipment now offers an acoustic version. Floors, especially carpets, can be reinforced with acoustic properties.

  1. Design for work, rest, and play areas

We discussed workspaces, but places to rest and play should also be considered in a modern office space. Comfortable areas to rest and read, eventually allow for team collaboration. The current trend in the office is to offer areas for employees to create acoustic creative hubs for employees to collaborate and have informal meetings rather than the formal meeting of having to reserve a meeting room and sit together for a fixed agenda and time. . Startups believe it creates a more engaging discussion when the setting is not as formal.

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