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5 Strategies to be Followed for WordPress Development

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In the age of technology, everything is available online. Every business and company have websites to display their profiles and work digitally. There are many web server software’s available in the market to build a website. WordPress is one of the most used web server software for the development of the website. Many people have started their own startups and companies as WordPress development company in USA and in different regions. Working in the WordPress network is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Due to its open-source nature, we have an incredible platform on which to develop websites, themes, plugins, and even applications.

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WordPress language with which it’s built as well as its open nature enables anyone to deliver their work regardless of if it is up to any sort of standard or uses any sort of best practices. For some clients, they are unaware of what is going on under the hood. They are only concern with the end result as if their product works according to their requirement, they are happy.

If you are a WordPress developer, then probably you already have a strategy to how you work, but if you are a new user of WordPress, then there are strategies, methodologies, conditions, and tools that you can use that can help. Some of the strategies are discussed here:

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File organization:

A noteworthy part of the building website is actually keeping up it after the initial launch. People write a thousand-line codes and even more than it and find it impossible if they have to trace something from their own written code. Organizing files help you to trace anything anytime from your code. It also facilitates you to debug your code or change a set of codes. Yes, it is true that we have a deadline and it is difficult to keep track of code or maintaining it. In actuality, more time is required for maintaining projects than building them. But once you have developed a habit of working sequentially, file organization would not take much time. A product or website exists for far longer than it takes to build it, the habit of organizing files helps you in a long way in making it simpler to keep up an item after its launch.

Give Standard Yet Unique Names:

As we think about how to best organize our various resources, naming conventions can help you provide a level of clarity and give a standard by which all related files should follow. For example,

Images related to a particular format and template are prefixed with the name of the template, like, full-width.background.png

For the administrative and managerial dashboard, it will be prefixed with admin and will be named relaying on which the page they are stacked for admin.edit-post.js, admin.users.js.


For any website development, plugins are very crucial. Most WordPress developers know the importance of plugins and they know that plugins should be theme-agnostic. That is, they should not rely on a feature of any given theme nor should they enforce any of their template or JavaScript onto the theme except for their own particular feature.

On top of that, there are two different ways to create plugins:

Keeping that in mind, there are a couple of techniques that can be employed when writing your plugins to ensure that the templates, JavaScript, pictures, and different resources don’t conflict with the current theme.

Using languages:

Website development using WordPress is both a blessing and a curse. The free and open source nature of WordPress enables you to design and develop almost anything. Since there are no language limitations in WordPress, it allows its users to use many languages for coding at the same time. But when you are playing with more than one language, you need to be very careful about it. Though many developers incorporate JavaScript, HTML, and PHP while coding, this is not suggested. As in such a scenario, there is a high chance of mix and match of languages. Each language has been created for a particular purpose and when you start mixing and matching them, the differentiation stops to exist only to cause inconvenience later.

Code Formatting:

Most of the time developers do not focus on formatting while coding. But once formatting is overlooked, it can turn into a nightmare later. Formatting continuously, reliably and nicely encourages developers to later work with the same set of codes. Ideally, codes should have an indentation and steady line breaks.

Taking care of some of basic WordPress development strategies may prove to be beneficial later. Especially if you are willing to work with the same code for a longer period. Practicing some of the methodologies and strategies enables you to build a website in a professional way using WordPress platforms as many Web Design and Development companies in USA and all around the globe do.

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