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5 Reasons Why Businesses Can’t Survive Without Digital Marketing

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I have been working in digital marketing in the San Francisco area for over six years. And I have seen how a strong online campaign can start quickly. I have also seen several old brands come out of the market. All because they didn’t pay much attention to this marketing sector. And for some companies with a large and existing market share, it makes sense. Why waste money on something expensive if you can get it for free?

Going with the Flow

Many economists have predicted for more than two decades how the future of all businesses would be connected to the Internet. And it looks like the future is here! Because of their busier lifestyle, most consumers today prefer placing their orders away from home. In fact, they have no time or patience to go to busy markets.

This trend is due to the (recent) widespread availability of various electronic payment solutions. This payment tool includes credit card payment, online transfer and mobile payment options. And for those customers who can’t use these facilities, COD offers offers to save the day!

Some Real-World Examples of Digital Marketing Success

Most Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Co., Nestle and even tech giants like Apple and Samsung understand these trends. They carry millions of dollars each year to strengthen their online presence.

For them, the Internet is a new type of “real estate”. And the “property” it offers must be won as soon as possible before another rival winner. This is where digital marketing comes in comparison.

As the latest e-commerce report, companies that have launched digital marketing have already begun to benefit from it. Their profits are record high, and they seem likely to be so long.

Five Reasons Why…

Here I mention five of the main reasons why companies cannot survive without digital marketing. And I haven’t taken any of these points in an article or a marketing manual.


It is based on my practical experience. So you can count on them to guide you in your future digital marketing decisions. I will discuss it in the following order:

  1. Customers are now more interested in making online orders,
  2. Organic (SEO-focused) Digital Marketing can save a ton of money,
  3. Digital marketing allows businesses to target large numbers of consumers,
  4. Digital marketing allows businesses to monitor upcoming trends,
  5. Digital marketing allows business to monitor customer feedback more efficiently

Customers Prefer to Make Online Purchases

Like many people, I am a good example of a customer who wants to shop online. And I’m not planning to stop soon. Or go to the supermarket and waste valuable fuel.

Best IT solutions for small business, it seems, understand this.

Digital Marketing Can Save a Ton of Money

By using an organic marketing approach like SEO, companies can now save a lot of money. And over time, they can even choose to completely stop their paid campaigns.

And it’s not hard to understand how much this free advertising channel can interest most businesses.

Large Audience Targeting

Through various online programs, companies now have the opportunity to target consumer numbers with their campaigns. And their efforts don’t really work. Just look at the profit figures for some of the biggest giants in online trading to get an idea of ​​how much!

Digital Marketing Allows for Easy Monitoring of Emerging Trends

Current digital marketing programs allow businesses to easily monitor developments in the upcoming markets. It gives businesses the benefits they need to outperform their competitors.

Digital Marketing Allows Businesses to Monitor Customer Feedback Easily

And as a result of this feature, companies can check their mistakes in good time.

Recently, I was introduced to an ISP’s efforts to connect with its customers through digital marketing. And with this approach, the company has made many people register.

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