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5 Reasons we are in the Middle of a Technological Golden Era

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There is no question in the middle of a technical revolution. In the interval of two decades, we have gone from the Internet to being a rare for residential homes, being able to use the web from handheld devices practically everywhere. Thousands of new apps are made every day, and our computing power continues to drive forward in the burst of Moore’s law. But why are we looking at such advanced development in this era?

Factors for our success

Just five of these biggest reasons why we have come so far: Emphasis on entrepreneurship. Although the number of individuals with passionate business is driven further by technology, the most progress has come from major research departments, businesses, and organizations. As Jay shows suites, entrepreneurship is something patriotism that feeds in the idea of ​​American dream. As a country, we still adore this notion and the ideals behind it, and that indispensable for entrepreneurial bias, motivating more people to innovate, to create business, and to bring new competition, market Better solution for. Also see: Creepy Games.

Exponential potential Instead of developing rapidly for technology, there is capability from linear. That is, instead of one step ahead of March, technology takes two steps, then there are four steps, then eight steps ahead. The most popular description of this advancement pattern is Moore’s law, which determines that the number of capable transistors in the surface area doubles per square inch per year is very high. However, this rate is slow for almost every 18 months, and can fully cone off within the next few years.

Technology for technology there is also the idea that technology can be used to create the second technology. Because we can design machines that manufacture endless machines, and now-as Google’s Rank Brain-algorithm that with the algorithm modifying automatically, our capacity increases even further. With every leap in the technical challenge, we are actually making even more technological progress to increase our own abilities.

Mass-market potential However to say something whimsical, it is quite clear that one of the biggest motivators in the world is the benefit. We have experienced huge growth in technical capacity, in part, because of high consumer demand. Developers realize that there can be a new, simple technological solution for money, and thus are motivating to make it better and faster.

Real human curiosity Do not discontinue the actual human quality of curiosity that we have found so far as a species. There is something innate in human nature that drives us to try new things, to explore new areas, and to satisfy our creativity; It is doubtful that this is an evolutionarily beneficial quality that leads us to discover more about our environment and gives us more opportunities for survival. In any case, many of us are hungry for new equipment myself, and more advanced techniques, and revolutionary new breakthroughs are fine because of this quality.

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How far can we go?

These are the responsible factors for getting this for us, but what about the next point, or after that matter? We have come to an effective way in the last 30 or so years, but what’s the future hold for the next 30 years? Will our speed start to fall?

Especially investigating these factors, we can make an estimate to make an estimate. Our inquisitive nature, the fact that technology can lead to better development of future technology, and our hunger for entrepreneurship and profit is unlikely to decline at any time soon. However, as previously stated, Moore’s law is already declining and may fall further in the coming years. Some financial officials have also said that another “technical bubble” is formed; Essentially, we have put more value on technical companies and development than they really deserve, and the consequences of this difference can lead to the collapse of the area.

Nevertheless, Moore Law only applies to a feature of computing technology and the collapse of the financial sector will only hold us back for so long. The primary drivers of technical talent-entrepreneurship, exponential growth patterns, and curiosity-will allow us to keep our pace uninterrupted, and for an uncertain future.

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