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5 Pointers To Choose The Best Harness For Your Dog

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Whether you are a seasoned dog parent or just a newbie, the one thing you can agree on is that the safety of your furry friend is paramount. Taking your dog out for the daily walk is ideally the highlight of the day for both you and them. You need a comfortable and study harness for your dog to ensure they don’t stray away too far.

Do you want to buy the best harness for your furry friend but don’t know how to choose one? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to know the most useful tips for choosing a dog harness.

Best tips to help you buy the right dog harness:

When it comes to buying things for your pet dog, you would always want to get the best thing. If you go out to buy a harness for your dog, there are plenty of options available today, which can leave you confused. You can use these following tips to buy the best harness:

1.       Choose the type carefully:

Primarily, there are two different types of dog harnesses popular today. Depending upon your pet’s comfort and security, you can choose the right kind of harness. Here are the two types that you can choose from:

  • Front clip:

A front-clip harness will buckle up close to the front side of your dog. It allows you more control over your pet, although it doesn’t help tame aggressive dogs. The front clip harness can also tangle in the legs if it is loose, causing a little difficulty moving.

  • Back clip:

Back clip harness is straightforward to put on your dog. It protects the neck of the pet but doesn’t offer much control over its trajectory. You can attach a leash to it, making it ideal for training purposes or daily walks.

Choose the type carefully

2.       Check the material:

The next thing to remember when buying a dog harness is the material. Like you, your furry friend can also suffer from skin irritations and rashes. To avoid causing any discomfort to your pet dog, you must look for a harness made with a soft material like leather that doesn’t harm their skin and hair. If your pet is allergic to certain materials, it is wise to avoid them.

Besides being comfortable, the harness must also be easy to wash. If it is made of nylon, you can easily wash and clean it after every play session in the mud.


3.       Check if will fit your pet:

If your pet is the naughty kind that wiggles out of the harness, you need to invest in one that fits them perfectly. Before you begin looking for a harness, take a measuring tape to measure your dog carefully. Having your dog’s exact measurements will help you find the harness that will fit your pup’s body properly, leaving no space for them to get out of it.

If you plan to visit a local store to buy the harness, you might find an accurate size chart there. You can also consult the salesperson to find you a suitable harness. In case the store allows, take your dog along and try the harness on them before you buy one.

Check if will fit your pet

4.       Find one with more coverage:

Dogs tend to have very delicate necks, and they can suffer injury if you put extra pressure on them. While you take a dog out for a walk, they need to be controlled, especially when they are young. It might require you to pull or tug on the leash, putting pressure on the neck, making them prone to neck disorders.

To avoid putting them at risk, look for a harness with more coverage area. The right harness must cover the dog’s substantial portion of the body so that when you pull, the pressure gets divided across the entire body. It will help keep your pet comfortable, flexible, and ensure its safety when you step out.


5.       Look for safety features:

The safety of your furry friend is paramount, and you must keep it in mind when choosing a harness for them. You can look for a harness that comes with additional safety features like reflective material on it. If you go for walks late at night or early in the morning, the reflective material will help you locate your dog. In case your dog gets lost, it can also help you find them in the darkness.

Besides that, you can get one with a tag on it, where you can put your contact details. This way, you can find your dog with ease.

Look for safety features

Final thoughts

Many pet parents find it daunting to train their dogs or take them out for walks. Not having the right harness to control them can be one of the reasons for it. If you wish to train your pet or take them out for a stroll while ensuring their safety, you need to invest in a good harness. Keep in mind the useful tips given above to find a suitable harness for your beloved pet!

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