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5 Online Games For You And Your Friends To Play While In A Lockdown

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5 Online Games

In most countries worldwide, the announcement of lockdowns as a measure to fight coronavirus, though well-intentioned, almost spelled death to social life. But various interesting outcomes have happened and affected lives in different ways. The online world has come alive like never before, from the rise of online concerts to fascinating events

While staying at home, you can engage in playing online games casino offers to keep yourself occupied. Titles such as Triple Triple Chance are a welcome distraction at this time. We’re going to look at other online games that you and your friends can play during the lockdown. So, let’s get to it. 

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  1. Ludo King

If you’re a fan of board games, you should definitely try Ludo King. The best part is, you can play with your friends and family as you stay at home. Ludo King is a widely famous game, with over 300 million downloads. It supports desktop, IOS, and Android. This means no one will be left out as you enjoy it. 

Sometimes, your friends may not be online or busy; the multiplayer offline option allows you to play against a computer. For the social bee, the game comes with an inbuilt chat option linked to Facebook. You can also save and load it later. 

  1. 8 Pool Ball

For the lovers of tournaments, this is one of the online games during lockdown to play. It comes complete with eight contests you can compete in, which gives you an opportunity to win trophies. Gain exclusive items and pool coins as you compete and win matches. Logging through your Facebook account lets you challenge your friends as you show off your skills and gain new ones. You can also create tournaments to participate in for your entertainment. 

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  1. PlayerUnknown’s Background (PUGB)

This is a famous multiplayer game you and your friends can play as it gives you a chance to fight to survive on an island against 99 other rivals. It lets you ambush your enemies as you craft winning strategies to be the last man standing. You can enter the game as one man, in a duo, or a team and fight to the death to ensure you are the sole survivor. If you have been searching for online games I can play with friends, search no more. This is it. Here, you start by being dropped by a parachute to the battle site. You then look for weapons in abandoned buildings to kill off other players. This helps to reduce your competition. The battlefield shrinks every few minutes in the direction of a random location, with players outside the area getting eliminated.

  1. Uno

This a famous family card game that has been in existence for decades. If you’re a fan of online games gambling, you’ll no doubt enjoy Uno. Cards may restrict you to the family members you’re in lockdown with, but the online version allows you to involve players from any part of the world. Here, you can select a riveting classic or any other available games and compete in tournaments to earn rewards. You can also find a friend and partner as you play. Either way, it will keep you entertained throughout the stay-at-home period.

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  1. Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Just because parties are canceled doesn’t mean you cannot party together, separately. This game allows you to do just that. You can enjoy it with your friends as it lets you set wrong and witty answers to common trivia questions. The other team is then supposed to select the correct answers. The points are awarded based on the correct answers you get, and, for each player, you trick into choosing the wrong answer. Fun, right? This makes an exciting game you can play with friends during the lockdown. It has a multiplayer aspect that makes it easy to play online while maintaining social distancing. 

Online Games to Unwind

The times that we live in call for us to be cautious and careful when it comes to social gatherings to help curb the virus spread. Inasmuch as boredom is said to be beneficial, technology has advanced, and it’s very much possible to enjoy your time at home. Connecting with your friends and families through games is an exciting way to avoid boredom and prevent us from going crazy. Ludo King, Uno, or 8 Pool Body are a fun way of keeping your social life active. Leave a comment and let us know your favorite title to play with friends. 

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Chris Delgado is a Junior Copywriter with high ambitions and an undivided passion for gaming. He is currently studying to get his degree, and his future prospects revolve around gaming journalism. In his spare time, he is a dedicated volunteer at a local homeless cafeteria.


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