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5 Must-Have Automated Marketing Campaigns That Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

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eCommerce digital marketing campaigns

ECommerce platforms are emerging so fast and quickly. That is why; they have a tricky competition indeed. Most of you might want to know the factors, which can truly boost your eCommerce sales indeed. Let us analyze those important automated eCommerce digital marketing campaigns to have a better understanding.

  1. Find and Pamper Your VIP Customers –

You might be wondering that what the mean of VIP customers is. Well, do not get confused as we are going to simplify the entire thing in a detailed manner. The very first is always keeping hunting the VIP customers. You might be wondering why they are called VIP customers. The reason is that they would be contributing a huge chunk of the entire revenue. That is why you needto have this segment of customers completely happy as well as regularly indulged in incredible offers personalized to only its ideal customers.

According to the eCommerce SEO, the fact cannot be ignored that they are regarded being a huge factor in respect of business persuasion. You must go ahead to evaluate the category that they are purchasing the most from. It will help you to get a much clear idea about your business.It will truly help you to get your best selling products and services

Well, you may say that all your customers deserve equal attention and an unbiased customer experience. However, you need to make sure that you do not leave any factor to elevate the WOW factor in the context of your customer spending $200 a year in comparison toa $ 50-year spender indeed.

  1. Go With Social Media as well as ChatBots

Yes, they both are incredible to bring more benefits to you. How do these two automation marketing campaigns can take your profit tothe next level?

  • Social Media

Social media is regarded being the boon for any eCommerce to take its brand awareness to the next level. Moreover, social media would also be improving the entire relationship along with your audience and understand following their specific needs and requirements better. Your customers want quick resolutions. Here, it needs to mention that social media is indeed quite huge having numerous ways to approach a specific audience. Therefore, it is called that social media automation is indeed a crucial practice since it adheres to monitor your specific brand mentions and post high-quality content consistently indeed. Moreover, it also makes your work completely tedious as well as the way it has scheduled.


  • Chat Bots

Your brand presence goes on different platforms channels, which makes your customers indeed fall in love with your product or services. When the ratio of customers is increased and you want to assist everyone in a sophisticated manner, it would be ideal to go with ChatBots. It can truly mitigate your customer service costs by 35% and it is quite great indeed.

Best E-Commerce Marketing Strategy 2021


  1. Go With Personalization To Emphasize On Different Segments

You could have more than one target audience you are supposed to approach. The interest varies from customer to customer. That is why you need to make sure that how to reach the entire audience following a single message. That is why the option of personalization sounds incredible indeed.

Here, it needs to mention that personalization can truly take your clicks, open rates, and engagement to the next level reducing the bounces, spam reports, and unsubscribes. If you do not segment your entire list and personalizing your emails, you would be required to kick off now.

Sending emails adding valuable content can tailor to each audience segment. Moreover, it is regarded being an ideal way to make your subscribers happy and satisfied. If your subscribers are happy, they would be choosing you to purchase indeed.

Here, it needs to understand that how you can truly make the entire part of your ecommerce email marketing strategy to get benefitted the most. You may start mentioning your list into sophisticated demographics such as income, gender identity, income, or age. You need to collect the details in the context of your subscribers. And you will be having a much clear picture that how you need to do all this.

  1. Abandoned Cart Emails

Yes, the discussion will go in vain if this topic is not covered. Abandoned cart emails are regarded as new and repeat customers logged into your site but did not purchase leaving the cart unfinished. It is called abandoned their cart.

Do you know that abandoned cart emails can truly help you to recover 15%of what would have otherwise been lost revenue? Going with this automated marketing campaign can truly increase your online business revenue to the next level indeed. You can truly recover several sales. Even professional eCommerce PPC experts & eCommerce Consultant say that $425,000 could be recovered going with the abandoned cart email strategy.

Cart Abandonment emails do hold the highest average conversion rate. The click–to–conversion rate could be increased by 21.78%.

  • There are two types of abandoned cart email options being mentioned here. Abandoned Cart Email plays a major role to encourage customers to accomplish their buying if they leave items in their cart. It is an email, which reminds customers what they were supposed to buy but left for some reason.
  • The second one is called Abandoned Cart Series which means accomplishing their purchase following a series of reminders in case if they leave items in their cart. It is an extension of following the first abandoned cart email. There would be many retailers sending you follow-ups 3-5 days if a customer left while checking out.


  1. Keep Introducing The Exclusive Discounts To Your Regular & Loyal Customers

This trick can truly work wonders and most e-commercestores also go by this indeed. This way helps to keep bringing your customers again and again to your platform. Loyalty programs can help to boost your conversion rates indeed. The best thing is that repeat customers are indeed bread and butter which could feed your business and play a major role to let it grow. Saying would not wrong that it is regarded as the quickest as well as the easiest way to create a committed and loyal following.

Now, you might be thinking that how you can do this. You may go with the option of an eCommerce newsletter so that your customers keep having the latest updates related to whatever new you want to introduce them.

But if you want to take it to the next level, email marketing could be an ideal option to choose indeed. This way can help you come up with the right segments to emphasize.  Big size eCommerce companies go with this trick indeed. Moreover, customers relationship will also get stronger than earlier.

In The Last

Hope the shared details have added more value to your knowledge. Now, it is time to execute them to churn out more benefits indeed. Following these tips can truly bring you more boosts to your eCommerce sales indeed. Stop getting confused and churn out more benefits going with these options indeed.

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