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5 Impressive UI/UX Designs For Your Site

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With this age of digitalization, one can make their presence in the world with the help of the internet. With everything from shopping to doctor appointments shifting online, user experience on your site becomes a critical aspect to consider before putting up your website to the world.

User experience and interface designers or UI/UX developers, in short, is one of the most highly paid jobs around the world. Even companies and firms that provide services only on both UI and UX development have also skyrocketed in recent times. One such novel service is the Magento PWA, which strives to provide trending UI and UX induced advanced web applications.

Like all the intricate aspects of the internet today, UI/UX designs that attract more crowds are always at the stage of a constant upgrade. Every year, UI/UX developers witness new trends and design templates that are predominantly followed at a large scale.

These design updates are so prevalent that people anticipate them every time they open a website that has already been made with those designs. It is this expectation of the customer that has fuelled the industry to work in a way that they come up with trends that can make their website and their work more attractive.

One of the only ways to set your website apart from your competitors is to make sure that you have inculcated the aspects of trending UI/UX designs that attract the bulk of your target market.

For that purpose, here are a few current design UI/UX landscapes that have made it to the market in today’s world.


3D Realisation of the product

Looking at your flat laptop screen or your mobile phone, 3D design, and product depiction stands to the eye. 3D rendered representation in the past was limited to the gaming industry. One of the significant constraints was the implementation time and complex performance efficiencies.

Today, with the advent of better technological software that allows you to make 3D imagery with much less pain and work, it has made it the topmost trends in the market. More often, 3D visualization can help the customer understand the sophisticated product and its designs with ease.

With a better level of understanding, 3D segmentation has been a powerful tool in many websites. Adding a sense of a dimension to the flat screen gives a more powerful meaning. Just by adding a touch of shadow and light positioning to the product can provide a whole lot of significance to the customer who will have a better sense of realizing it before buying.

3D art and design is just a token of the symbolism of how technology, with the help of curated skills, can help enhance the way the customer can better interpret sophisticated and complex products.

Playful designs culminating the webpage

One can notice surreal cartoonist designs on many of the big and trending websites today. Many customers believe that this cartoonish style of representation brings in the sense of novelty to the site. More often, almost all UI UX design company websites have 3D designs and other animations that make the website more interactive.

However, the buzz comes from something that sets your website apart from others. A typical example of such surreal designs is that of the google doodle as soon as you open your google chrome browser. It might be a small part of the page, yet it sets the page apart from the other search engines today.

Many big companies besides Google also use these playful designs. These designs have a deeper meaning, which the customer can realize with a sense of cheer and enjoyment. Not just limited to doodles, but many sites that use these designs have creative outlets such as comics or live interactive figures that have a sense of cartoonish but have a deeper inflicting symbolism regarding the service or the product that the site provides. The UI/UX thrives on how the most simple designs get the most out of the website.


Embedded voices and audios

Not just gigs that involve design, but UI/UX depends on all the primary senses of the body. Sound is one of the most vital senses that enhances UI/UX. Almost a growth of more than 60% was found in the smart speaker industry in the year 2019. However, voice and audio effects have always been an area of interest for many UI/UX developers.

One of the most common traces of this would be your iPhone Siri or amazon’s Alexa, which has created a massive buzz in the market with very high demand. Smart speaker industry has caused huge potential and instilling voice and speech directed software solutions in your site can help you boost your sales and improve the customer experience overall. Automated bots and their assists in your webpage can help your viewers better navigate. It will overall boost the viewership of the website.

Soothing music playing in the background of your website has also become another trend. Lo-fi beats usually are preferred that are not too overpowering to distract the customer and not too monotonous as well. Rhythms, which are a balance of calming yet simple sounds, are often preferred.

However, there is much more to know before getting it implemented for your website. For starters, knowledge about cost and expenditure for such projects can be a massive issue for many companies. Also, there is the aspect of ethical and safety issues that comes along with these voice users and audio interfacing design within any system.


Interactive motion design

Seamless motion design and customer-pleasing visual effects such as bouncing logos and spinning words have made the website more of a virtual reality today. It has helped customers breathe a sense of a digital footprint that is different from the conventional touch. With faster and data supporting storage systems, the ever-decreasing latency has led to bright and better motion designs that have amused all the customers.

Motion design has helped the user have a higher level of engagement with the website, which keeps them more involved. UI/UX developers have taken an extra step to not only make these motion designs more and more visually attractive but to make them more meaningful and symbolic.

These motion designs have also reduced the sense of monotony and made the website exciting and captivating for the users. ¬†Overall, these motion designs keep these user’s interests intact and not let them wander away from your site.

Customized fonts and variables colors

Mobile and laptop screens today are of the most exceptional quality. Streaming a 4K video today gives a sense of sitting in a cinema theater. Customized fonts with better alignment to deliver a message out loud and clear has become a trend in UI/UX design. Variable font and proper alignment practice invoke a sense of responsiveness in the customer. It delivers a streamlined web design with a particular emphasis on the critical aspects that you want to highlight. Animated fonts also have come up recently, captivating the eyes of the users.

The background color of the website conveys a lot of information about the site. It is commonly the first impression that the customer gets. Nowadays, gradient coloring and other contrasting color patterns have found its place in prevalent UI/UX designs.

Combinations such as using vibrant colors in a dark-themed background could be beautiful to a majority of users. Finding the right balance between colors to convey a more profound message has been a critical aspect of UI/UX designs. Both variable fonts and color combinations give an aesthetic look to the website and keep the user more intrigued.


Often striving balance between the simplicity of color combinations and complexity of different animations, UI/UX designing is an art by itself. With more and more competition in the digital platforms, companies strive to find new ways to find their users engaged with their products and websites.

UI/UX, therefore, remains a crucial aspect that is continually evolving with time. It, therefore, becomes vital. Also, the fact that UI/UX today has become more and more accessible due to the availability of skilled engineers, as well as tools such as adobe illustrator and photoshop, has set the stage for companies to adopt these styles and designs.

To what extent these UI/UX design practices can reinforce your sites for better viewership might vary from case to case. However, the UI/UX design practices, as mentioned earlier, remain the trend of today attracting more and more users to the UI/UX-induced sites.



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