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5 Essential Steps To Creating A Compelling Brand Design

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When it comes to marketing a business, developing a good brand will allow you to express your story in the best way possible. A brand design will be key in advertising your business image. So, for you to instill trust among your clients, you’ll have to package your services or goods appealingly. This means you’ll need a suitable name, an attractive logo, and have all the essential elements related to your brand. 

Therefore, introduce the following components to create a compelling brand design:

  • Social media pages that’ll interact with potential clients and introduce what you are as a business 
  • Business cards with relevant information on how to contact you
  • A website
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • A compelling packaging.

Before you start designing your brand, you can also choose to hire one from companies like GreyBox Creative to get your branding made professionally. But, if you’re confident enough in your design skills, get your creative juices flowing and make the best design with the following steps:

Choose Your Target Audience

When it comes to choosing your target audience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to exclude other buyers. You simply have to convey your message to more people who are likely to buy from you. 

Therefore, you can study your customer base by looking at characteristics they have in common. Once you find what the buyers enjoy, add in the benefits next to your products. This will give a buyer more information on your brand.

Studying variables, such as age, location, income, gender, etc. will influence your design. 

Study Your Competition

Studying how your competition works will give you information about how they operate. You can do this by looking up your top five competitors on the competitor brand audit template. 

Studying your competitors also allows a deep dive into the services offered in the field. It’ll also show you the similarities you all have and, in the process, give you ideas on how to make your brand unique. For example, you can try separating yourself by having unique visuals and illustrations.

Come Up With A Slogan

The benefit of having a great slogan for your business is that it makes the business stand out. A suitable slogan has to be something associated with your business. Now, finding a great slogan doesn’t just happen overnight. 

To begin, decide on the type of slogan you want to have. For instance, you can choose a business slogan that gives general information on the business. You can also decide on having a creative slogan that’ll make your business stand out or choose persuasive slogans that convince customers to get your product.

Remember to go through several slogans before settling on the right one that your slogan is clear and simple, and can communicate to your audience without confusion. And, as a result, it’ll be memorable enough to increase the chances of the slogan sticking with the audience.

Now that you have an idea of the message you want to convey to your audience, you can now get your logo set up in the next step. And, because your logo is what’ll create the first impression of your brand in the minds of your audience, it has to be fitting and perfect. Therefore, you have to find inspiration that best defines your brand by thinking from your audience’s point of view.

If you’re into minimal color palettes and fonts, a classic design will be best for you. However, if you fancy white space and minimal details, you can choose a modern design. These are among designs that can be used, but you’re not limited to these options. Research and get input from other team members until you find a design you like.

The next thing you have to choose is color. Remember that a color can be associated with a brand. A great example is Netflix’s red logo. 

So, with all things considered, you can now start on your design. However, if you can’t think of any design, get a professional designer who can bring your brand visions to life.

Design Other Elements

A lot of elements go into creating the perfect brand. Therefore, you’ll need to consider the following during the design stage;

  • Consider the shapes used in a logo, a webpage background, and packaging, among others. Pick designs that best describe your brand’s identity.
  • Add a tag line that illustrates what your business is about and what the customers will expect from your brand.
  • Use certain words that’ll match your brand’s tone and make it unique.
  • To communicate a brand’s personality more effectively, you’ll need matching fonts. For instance, fonts used to write the word ‘danger’ are different from the ones used to write the word ‘daycare’ during an advertisement.
  • To achieve a perfect visual representation that fits your brand, choose images and pictures relating to your brand message.


Bottom Line

The importance of brand design is important for your business’s success. It’s a vital tool that allows your company to stand out from the competition, connects with customers, and creates a positive brand image. 

To create a compelling brand design, you need to fully understand what your target audience wants and design an effective logo and slogan that are appealing to them. You should also consider other elements that’ll reflect your brand’s identity and increase your target audience’s awareness of your company. 


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