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5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Car Battery Summer Friendly

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Car Battery Summer Friendly

Summertime is a great time to visit interesting places and your car comes in handy. You want to make sure that your car battery is summer-friendly so that enjoy all the fun moments without being inconvenienced by battery problems.

According to research, car batteries last longer in the extremely cold conditions than in extremely hot conditions. Increased heat causes many battery maintenance concerns.

Following the following easy steps will help you to avoid car battery problems during the summer.

  1. Maintain it clean

Higher temperatures increase corrosion at battery terminals. Dirt can also drain a battery’s power.Keeping the terminals clean, and the whole battery as well, enhances the battery’s performance.

Wipe it frequently to remove dirt, oil, and other substances on the casing. It’s as simple as passing a damp rag over the battery.

Remove any corrosion buildup on the terminals using pliers or a screwdriver. Clean terminals support seamless flow of current and thus better functioning of the battery.

  • Invest in a car battery charger

Sometimes you’ll need to park your car for long periods.

Car batteries survive better when kept in full charge. They get drained significantly when not in use.

Keep your battery as close as possible to full charge. When you go on vacation and leave your car atthe garage, use a car battery charger to prevent the battery from going dead.

  • Reduce short drives

The more times you start your car battery, the more work it has to do and the faster it wears out. Driving your car for short trips frequently can affect the battery’s ability to hold a charge. This is because the car only needs the battery for a short time when the engine is starting. During short trips, the battery is never given enough time to get fully charged. This can ultimately shorten its life.

Find ways to keep short drives to a minimum. For example, you can combine several errands into a longer trip if you really have to use the car. You can also avoid turning off the engine when you make short stops.

  • Wrap the battery

Place insulating material around the battery to keep it cooler in the summer. If you intend to replace your battery and you think there is no space for insulating material, go for a smaller battery that can fit with a plastic sheet wrapped around it. This will help to prevent battery drain. Keeping the battery insulated also extendsits life.

  • Check battery water level

The sizzling summer heat can cause the water in a lead-acid battery to evaporate from the electrolyte. Before the season kicks off, inspect the battery for signs of cracks, bulges, or leaks. It is better to replace the battery if you identify any serious issues because they might create more problems as the summer heat intensifies.

Keep checking each cell’s water level and refill with distilled water if the level is low.

Summer’s high temperatures can rob your car battery of its power, efficiency, and life. Preparing the battery appropriately helps to prevent summer-related car battery problems. Using the battery well will also help to lengthen its life and allow you to enjoy your summers year after year without any worries.

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